The compelling programs we create for food and beverage brands originated from one woman’s passion to break the corporate mold. Our founder, Sherri Cliffe, was tired of witnessing creative ideas go to waste, so in 2001 she opened Cliffedge Marketing as a services shop designed to help brands discover unique ways to pop in a retail setting.

Now over 16 years later, we continue to make an impact through our ability to market from the manufacturer’s point-of-view, as well as tie in sports teams, charitable causes and other custom solutions guaranteed to turn heads and add a ton of flair to the retail-based brands we collaborate with.

Photo of Sherri Cliffe

Sherri Cliffe

Sherri Cliffe, President and creative mastermind of Cliffedge Marketing, founded the company in May 2001.  Sherri comes equipped with exciting and innovating ideas, as well as extensive knowledge gained from over 28 years in the media and marketing field.  Sherri has done a little bit of everything throughout her career, including voicing radio and television commercials, and experience behind the camera as an on-air TV Host. 

Photo of Ryan Cliffe

Ryan Cliffe

Ryan Cliffe, Vice President of Sales for Cliffedge Marketing, is the creative force behind many Cliffedge programs. Ryan has spent over ten years in sports sponsorship, developing unique, revenue-driving partnerships. In his current role, Ryan oversees new business development, company strategy, and eats way too much ice cream during Prairie Farms’ Ice Cream Sundays.

Photo of Mick Cliffe

Mick Cliffe

Mick Cliffe, the Vice President of Administration for Cliffedge Marketing, has been an integral, “behind the scenes” part of the company since its founding. Since retiring from AmerenUE in early 2011, Mick has taken a more active role in Cliffedge Marketing’s accounting and finances.

Photo of Colin Listner

Colin Listner

Colin Listner, Director of Content Marketing for Cliffedge, has an extensive background in Radio Marketing and Promotions as well as street team management for two major radio groups. He handles the creative direction of our Social Media platforms and websites, Public Relations, and event planning and execution. He's also a father of three boys and an avid homebrewer (which is how he copes with three boys).

Photo of Angela Karas

Angela Karas

Angela Karas, Content Manager for the Cliffedge team, brings her passion for writing to life through custom content creation and a considerable amount of alliteration. With a background in copywriting, inbound marketing, mentoring and event planning, she believes in approaching every task with a cheerful heart. She also enjoys reading, concerts and casually debating her support for pineapple on pizza.