Why social media is so important for your small business


Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Instagram. Yelp. Are you getting social with your potential customers and talking to them in a language they understand? Here’s why you should be.

Power of the Pink Day at Busch Stadium

“Making a difference in the lives of women we love.” It isn’t just a tagline to a sales pitch. It’s a real and true exclamation point to Cliffedge Marketing’s

4 Things to Know Before Starting a Marketing Campaign

Great news! The Marketing Department just got some money behind it and you’re ready to fire on all cylinders with “the marketing campaign to end all marketing campaigns.” Something that will…

How Working With Nonprofits Can Help Grow Your Business

“It’s for a great cause!” and “It’s good for business!” You seldom hear these phrases together, but a quality cause marketing program can be both. And for companies looking for unique opportunities,…

5 Things to Know about Social Media for Your Business

Like. Comment. Share. These words have a whole new meaning with the advent of social media. As consumers adopt this newer form of communication, businesses will need to learn to speak their language.

How to Get Vendors to Say Yes to Retail Promotions

50% off of your ENTIRE purchase! Get this EXCLUSIVE offer! BOGO! We have all seen the retail strategies encouraging consumers to buy, but what about getting a vendor to buy into something you’re selling?

Cliffedge Marketing: A Year in Review

Just like in any profession, reflection is important in business. Assessing one’s successes and shortcomings gives perspective and provides a clearer view when moving forward.

When Event Marketing Goes Bad

Just like meeting the in-laws for the first time, there are no do-overs in Event Marketing.  Events can play a crucial part in a marketing campaign, so be at the top of your game and make them count.

Cliffedge Marketing's Top Five Christmas Movie Picks

Whether sappy, sweet, endearing or funny, Christmas movies come in all categories. And just like with the old movie classics, you’re bound to have a favorite. Below are five of our own…

Balance Your Business with Thinkers and Doers

Business is a bit of a balancing act. Never mind balancing the input with the output or the critics with the audience. We are talking about the cohesion of two opposing forces that must be balanced…