In-Store Retail Promotions Drive Consumer Engagement

“In today’s society, life is hectic and we tend to always be on the run,” says Cliffedge Marketing’s President, Sherri Cliffe.“People are always more open to new ideas when they’re in ‘pause mode’.”

With our 9-5 daily grinds sharing space with the children’s soccer practice, piano lessons and a last minute trip to the vet to confirm that Spot did indeed swallow the remote control, we are often finding some interesting places to escape nowadays. And while it may seem an odd way to escape, the grocery store and retail shopping in general tend to provide a frequent release from the manic lifestyle we’re keeping up with.

But it comes as no surprise to the modern marketer.

Why In-Store Retail Marketing Works:

Those in-store promotions that you find down most aisles at your local grocery store have no intention of going away, and the consumer is just fine with it. Because as much as marketers and businesses need to supplement everything they do with a strong social presence, it all starts in the store.

Yes, the secret to reaching a customer, as Cliffe mentions, is creating a touch point with the consumer while they’re in ‘pause mode’. As connected as our lives have become, shopping at the store is an exercise that we’ve participated in our entire lives and we take comfort in the familiarity and simplicity of it all. It’s not like typical media messaging, radio ads, TV commercials or billboards that often fly by while you’re already multi-tasking and don’t always catch your attention. In-store retail marketing is a more intimate experience.

What Makes Customers Connect to In-Store Retail Marketing:

This intimacy between product, promotion and consumer is created by using promotional signage and messaging on the packaging that taps into a customer’s desire to win big or save a buck. It presents itself to the consumer at their leisure and attracts them with prizes like dream vacations, VIP experiences and stacks of money – all offers that are available just for doing what they were already doing – shopping!

In this way, marketers have the upper hand, because the consumer is already interested in their product and will likely be open to a fun promotion, additional savings and trying related products. And, like real estate agents, marketers know that location, location, location is critical. You’ll often find the in-store retail promotions strategically placed where they will garner the most attention from customer (like the front door or the aisle’s end caps).

Yes, retail marketing understands the power of in-store promotions. And they have even learned over time not to underestimate the consumers’ insatiable appetite for a great promotion. Take for example, the civil engineer from California who, thanks to an ambiguous redemption policy, was able to convert about 12,150 cups of Healthy Choice chocolate pudding into over a million American Airline miles.

Combining In-Store Retail Promotions with In-Store Digital Marketing:

Marketers are especially seeing the value in complimenting their in-store promotions with a digital presence like a television. A digital signage study from InfoTrends provides some provocative data as to why shops may consider using a televised medium to run their promotions in-store. Just look at these Digital in-store advertising numbers:

  • 47.7% effectiveness on brand awareness
  • 29.5% increased average purchase amount
  • 31.8% upswing in overall sales volumes
  • 32.8% growth in repeat buyers
  • 32.8% more in-store traffic

How has Cliffedge Found Success with In-Store Retail Promotions?

Here at Cliffedge Marketing, we understand the value of a properly executed in-store marketing campaign. Here are some examples of fun promotions we ran with vendors:

Breakfast in the Bullpen with the St. Louis Cardinals:  This RTW (Register to Win) promotion promised a VIP experience that money can’t buy. Cliffedge teamed up with Kraft, Kellogg’s and ConAgra Foods to give a winning family the once in a lifetime opportunity to have breakfast in their favorite team’s bullpen. Cliffedge sold the excitement of the experience by displaying signage that represented the “look” of the experience at Schnucks, a popular St. Louis grocery chain. Four times during the Cardinals season, 12 lucky winners were selected by a random drawing to have breakfast at Busch Stadium with three guests.

Pajama Party at the Magic House:  For this RTW promotion, Cliffedge used another local grocer, Shop ‘n Save, to promote an exciting adventure for children – a private Pajama Party at The Magic House, St. Louis Children’s Museum. Sponsored by Prairie Farms Dairy and Mondelez (Nabisco) to honor the Oreo Cookie’s 100th birthday, the event was invite-only and advertised through in-store signage and radio spots. A record 1,548 people called in for reservations and during four consecutive Wednesday evenings in the month of March and April 2012, 225 participants stayed in The Magic House after hours to enjoy a pajama party complete with cookies and Prairie Farms milk and ice cream.

Babies Race to the Base:  Years ago, Cliffedge ran another popular RTW promotion in Shop ‘n Save that encouraged shoppers to take part in a special Beech-Nut and Abbott Nutrition contest. Consumers could enter to win in-store at the Customer Service counter or at the Beech-Nut and Similac displays. 21 winners were selected to compete in a “Babies Race to the Base” prior to a St. Louis Cardinals game at Busch Stadium, complete with goody bags filled to the brim with participating sponsors’ goodies. Three grand prize winners and their families joined Fredbird on the field for a special pre-game presentation of Beech-Nut and Similac/Pedialyte gift baskets. More than just a popular promotion, it was also adorable!

Kids B.E.E. Healthy:  This annual RTW promotion focuses on Better Eating & Exercise and targets children up to age 12. Cliffedge teams up with the Dierbergs grocery chain to encourage kids to write an essay on “what they pack in their lunch box or what they play at recess” that keeps them healthy. The promotion involves in-store activation and uses attractive signage to encourage participation for a chance to win kid friendly prizes including an in-school assembly hosted by a famous athlete and a local team mascot, playground equipment for their school and a bike. Last year, over 1,200 entries were received representing over 40 St. Louis area schools.

Make an Impact with In-Store Retail Marketing:

With in-store retail marketing, the potential is endless for organizations to leverage brand allegiance and influence purchasing decisions with the possibility of winning prizes. And it all starts with zeroing in on customers when they are most open to engagement with “best buys” or “win big” opportunities.

Can you think of a great in-store retail promotion that you couldn’t resist? Share it in the comments section! And if you’re ready to work with Cliffedge Marketing to find a great promotion that captures your customers’ attention, be sure to contact us today.

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