Cliffedge Marketing and SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Hospital Announce New Joint Venture

It’s official: we’re teaming up with SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital to expand the Homers for Health program nationwide!

When former Cardinals player Matt Holliday and his wife Leslee started the Homers for Health program in 2012, their main objective was to raise millions of dollars toward the healthcare costs of patients at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon here in St. Louis.

Homers for Health is a season-long pledge-based fundraiser which benefits patients and their families at the hospital. With the expansion come new opportunities for teams and players in other cities to partner with their local children’s hospital. 

Since the program’s inception, Homers for Health has successfully raised over 4.5 million dollars!

We anticipate that the nationwide expansion of the Homers for Health program will grow organically and continue to raise millions of dollars for children nationwide to receive the best healthcare treatment possible.

In upcoming weeks, Matt and Leslee Holliday will be sharing their insight with us as we develop a game plan for the expansion. We plan to tap into our expertise in retail and experiential marketing to benefit the program’s growth in new cities.

Back in 2016, as the program entered its 5th ​year, Holliday had said, “When my wife Leslee and I started Homers for Health in 2012, we never imagined it would spread all across the country,” said Holliday. “We’ve really enjoyed watching it grow and seeing the impact it has had on the patients.” 

While we pride ourselves on the custom solutions we create for our clients, we’re especially thrilled to take on this collaborative effort with SSM Health Cardinal Glennon in order to help patients and their families across the nation get the care that they deserve.

When asked about the program, Holliday also said, “When it comes down to it - we are doing this for the kids and their families; it’s that simple.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

If you’re interested in participating as a sponsor for Homers for Health, give Sherri a shout at 314-241-0606. 


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