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Prairie Farms wanted to extend their sports marketing reach by expanding their presence in and around Busch Stadium.


With Cliffedge spearheading negotiations with the St. Louis Cardinals and Ballpark Village, the outdoor concessions stand was renamed the Prairie Farms Dugout. By tying into Ballpark Village, the newly built entertainment district near Busch Stadium, Prairie Farms established another touchpoint in branding with sports fans. To help launch the naming rights, we created an interactive pre-game content piece that would drive excitement for the Prairie Farms brand and create a buzz with baseball fans.

Using a combination of a live, interactive, fan-driven trivia contest and a secondary text-to-win contesting campaign, Prairie Farms highlighted their newly acquired naming rights of Ballpark Village’s concession area and built awareness around their hard serve ice cream brand by offering free samples to participants. This strategy helped Prairie Farms tie into the fan experience without incurring the high costs of another in-stadium program.

How Sponsorship & Co-Marketing with Cliffedge creates impact for Prairie Farms:
•    Included branded signage and product placement on concessions menu with naming rights for concessions area
•    Produced live, interactive pre-game trivia segment with Ballpark Village in-house emcee that encouraged crowd participation
•    Featured 3,510 total spots for media ad campaign across 117 affiliate Cardinals Radio Network stations 
•    Created secondary method of participation with text-based 7th Inning content piece designed to collect consumer data
•    Designed LED display advertising inside Ballpark Village


The live pre-game segment ran inside of Ballpark Village before every Cardinals home game from May 6th through October 2nd for a total of 65 games, serving an estimated total audience of 162,500 fans. 

The text-to-win segment ran in the 7th inning of every home game from August 5th through October 2nd for a total of 26 games to an estimated in-house total audience of 39,000 fans. Using this campaign as a springboard, the sponsorship opportunity was extended to include other Ballpark Village collateral events including Movie Mondays, a monthly event catering to St. Louis area families.

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