Entries into Nabisco's heritage sports/retail marketing program had been dropping annually, so they looked to Cliffedge to increase participation.


After running annual in-store enter-to-win tear pad-based contesting in local Shop ‘n Save locations, Nabisco was seeing diminished returns each year. As this program was a large portion of Nabisco’s Sports Marketing initiative, they were wary of changing anything that may disrupt the connection between their brand and the local sports fan.


To rebuild excitement, Cliffedge encouraged Nabisco to update the method of entry to match the on-the-go consumer’s lifestyle with a text-to-win program that not only offered an easier way to enter, but also provided the opportunity to collect valuable consumer data through digital contesting.

Gone were the paper enter to win tear pads at the Customer Service Counter; replaced by eye-catching in-store displays that leveraged the popularity of the St. Louis Cardinal’s mascot, Fredbird. By using an updated and easier entry method, Nabisco removed unneeded obstacles to enter. 

How Retail Marketing creates impact for Nabisco:
•    Development of a turnkey and cost-conscious program 
•    Fully branded contesting methods that reinforce brand identity from in-store to online entry
•    Borrowed brand equity from MLB team and incorporation into live, in-stadium programming


Through Cliffedge’s updates to the program, Nabisco saw a 489% + increase in sweepstakes participants (YOY).

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