Shopper marketing services for today's retail.

Shopping Behavior is Changing

Retail has experienced a fundamental shift in recent years, intensified by the upheaval of COVID-19 and dramatically impacting how consumers live, work, and shop. Here’s a look at how shopping behavior is evolving:

  • Shift to eCommerce
  • Less Brand Loyalty
  • More Price Conscious Consumers
  • Brand Responsibility Matters
  • People Spend More Time at Home

Now more than ever, brands must engage consumers and create relevance across a multitude of touchpoints. On top of that, moving these shoppers to a point of purchase and delivering a compelling experience that motivates action is crucial to success. 

How We Help with These Challenges 

We provide full-service retail / shopper marketing solutions based on 20+ years of industry experience. Across the entire buyer’s journey, we design and deliver targeted solutions that engage shoppers in-store and online, and create relevance with your products. 


Secure Your “Positioning”

We start by establishing the brand theme that will steer the overall strategy and decision-making which we use to target specific, defined buyers and serve them unique stories and visuals that highlight your brand values.


Optimize Your “Website”

We open the digital doorway for consumers who are looking for meaningful interaction across a website that delivers a quality user experience, mobile responsiveness, social proof via reviews and data capture tools to market smarter.

Enhance Your “Customer Engagement”

We identify the appropriate marketing channels, in-store and online, to build relationships with your target audience and implement points of interaction along the path to purchase, we add value that motivates customer action.


Fill Your “Sales Funnel”

We nurture consumers with sales funnel management. Across paid media, call-to-actions, remarketing & retargeting, and email marketing, we cultivate brand recognition, drive repeat purchases and develop brand loyalty.


Capture Your “Data Analysis”

We provide the reporting and insights to prove ROI and close the loop on your shopper marketing investments. This helps refine your approach and optimize the next step of the strategy thanks to your data-driven decisions.

How We Partner With Your Brand

Ensure We’re the Right Fit

Our process starts with a brief exploratory call so we can get a pulse on your business and the goals you want to accomplish. From there, we’ll outline our recommendations in a one-page proposal. If both parties agree there is a fit, we’ll begin our partnership with a consulting project to create your strategy. 

Create a Marketing Playbook

We begin most partnerships with a 3-4 week consultation that will give us a clear understanding of your situation and lay the foundation for a results-driven marketing program. The end result is a documented marketing strategy you can implement internally or outsource as needed.

Implement Your Plan

Finally, our team of specialists can bolt onto your existing team to implement your plan (or guide your team through the process) through a combination of positioning, digital marketing, consumer engagement, and sales funnel management. 

What You Can Expect

Free Consultation

If you think we could be a benefit to your business, let’s talk! We’ll walk you through our approach, answer your questions, and see if there’s a fit.