Results-driven retail experiences that motive today’s connected consumer.

Engage the modern consumer by transforming your traditional approach to retail.

As retail grows increasingly fragmented, consumers are making purchases anywhere, anytime. The options are endless, from specialty retailers to online boutiques. 

As a result, your retail partners press you for innovative ideas that drive sales. Consumers continue to seek convenience and value. Competition keeps raising the bar. But all the while, your product is stuck on the shelf. 

Are you ready to approach your consumer’s shopping experience differently?

It’s time to rethink retail. 

Areas of Expertise

Cliffedge Marketing brings your brand to life at the point of purchase. 


  • Digital and physical experiences that captivate shoppers at store level.
  • Support from our network of professional brand ambassadors
  • Creative storytelling enhanced by technology
  • Turnkey execution that includes strategy, development, implementation, and post-activation reporting
  • Data capture and re-marketing

eCommerce Management 

  • Strategy, planning, and management of online sales funnel
  • Management of direct-to-consumer platforms and 3rd party eCommerce sites
  • Database building and re-marketing
  • Leverage online data to improve in-store efforts

Interactive Packaging and Print

  • Technology-enabled packaging, displays, and POS
  • Augmented Reality, Pinterest Codes, QR scans, and more
  • SMS text-enabled signage to support store-level contesting
  • Backend strategy and support

Co-Marketing Partnerships

  • Relevant brands aligned around a shared purpose or objective.
  • Utilize a plug-and-play resource to create cost-effective, time-saving promotions
  • Opportunity for multiple brands to collaborate and meet the needs of their retail partners