Social Media

Cost-effective social programs designed to optimize your brand presence and drive retail sales.

How it works:
Each custom social strategy is built around a deeper understanding of your consumer. We work with you to maintain a positive social presence and create content your consumers can identify with. These programs operate on a subscription basis, giving you access to databases and monthly reporting.

Brand Ambassadors

Represent your brand through positive consumer interactions and unforgettable experiences outside of the store.

How it works:
We utilize our team of professional brand ambassadors to put a face with the name of your brand. Our team manages demonstrations, brand engagement opportunities, sampling or special events and captures data on your consumer base.


Drive sales in-store with engaging campaigns that get your product into your consumers’ hands.

How it works:
Our relationships with key retailers around the country help facilitate our cost-conscious programs for brands of all sizes. We add personality to your brand and manage all aspects of your campaign from legal and creative to staffing, data capture and more. Additional in-store support includes incremental displays, POS calls-to-action, on-site events and geo-targeted social efforts.

Cause Marketing

Deliver results for your business by giving back to your clients and the community.

How it works:
We work with national vendors to co-create cause-related programs that incorporate a retailer tie-in. In-store our programs see ROI as high as 33% and our two major annual cause programs have generated over 2 million dollars in charitable funds! It’s a win all around for retailers, vendors and charitable causes. 

Sports Marketing

Leverage a sports partnership program with a ‘retail-first’ approach to experience results in-store.

How it works:
Our extensive background developing sports partnerships for vendors is a turnkey experience for your brand. We take care of every aspect from one-off sampling events to large format partnerships, turning that fan passion into in-aisle action.

Retail Marketing

Helping your brand convert at retail.

How it works:

With over 17 years of in-store promotions experience, gaining additional lift for our clients is our main priority. We drive incremental in-store sales with innovative programs that elicit emotion and inspire consumers to take action at the register.

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