Customer Service
Pass the 'Who Cares?' Test with Consumers

The Who Cares? Test

In the competitive world of CPG retail, one question can help you stand apart: Does it pass the Who Cares? Test? With an almost endless array of options available at their fingertips, why should consumers consider your brand over another? If your initial reaction is to quote the features of your product (i.e. all natural,...
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A Brand's Actions Speak Louder Than Its Words

A Brand’s Actions Speak Louder Than Its Words

The importance of maintaining brand integrity, strengthening customer service and modifying your digital strategy to adapt to unprecedented business challenges. A hasty search engine query, “What can my brand do during coronavirus?” will garner countless “How-to” survival guides for navigating through the uncharted territory that is COVID-19. Countless articles stress crafting the right marketing messages...
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