The 5 Pillars of Your Retail Marketing Strategy

We’ve been working with CPG retail brands for over 20 years and have seen some pretty interesting changes in retail marketing. Perhaps the biggest change of all has been helping retailers adapt to the online world over the past decade – even more so these past couple years. But regardless of how the user experience...
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Why CPG Brands Should Start A Food Blog

A food blog is a great way for CPG brands to generate more brand awareness and boost shopper engagement. As experts at firing up the digital marketing tactics of CPG and Retail brands’ overall shopper marketing strategy, Cliffedge Marketing is happy to share how easy it is to kickstart a food blog and take your...
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Pass the 'Who Cares?' Test with Consumers

The “Who Cares” Test

In the competitive world of CPG retail, answering one question can help you stand apart: Does it pass the “Who Cares”  Test? With an almost endless array of options available at their fingertips, why should consumers consider your brand over another? If your initial reaction is to quote the features of your product (i.e., all...
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The Importance of Creating a Brand Voice Online

When it comes to creating a brand voice online to feature across your digital footprint, including your website, social media platforms and customer service channels, focus on action and authenticity.  Your brand’s voice directly communicates your story to your audience. It breathes life into the content you create. Best of all, it’s unique – like...
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The 3 Keys to Marketing a Food and Beverage Brand

The first step to building your Food and Beverage marketing strategy and selling more products via retail is to focus on your digital marketing strengths and weaknesses. By utilizing cost-efficient ways to connect with consumers, you’ll achieve the engagement and ROI necessary to grow your brand.  And while there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution, our experience as...
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Turn a Negative Customer Experience into a Positive One

Why the Customer Experience matters so much to your business: “We are currently experiencing a heavy volume of calls. Please stay on the line as we reroute an obscene amount of calls to the inappropriate department, leaving most of you on hold even longer than you were initially, and, more often than not, just disconnecting...
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4 Things to Know Before Starting a Marketing Campaign

Great news! The Marketing Department just got some money behind it and you’re ready to fire on all cylinders with the marketing campaign to end all marketing campaigns. Something that will blow the competition away and cause the boss to shower praise on you and your team every time you strut through the hallways! Stop....
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A Brand’s Actions Speak Louder Than Its Words

The importance of maintaining brand integrity, strengthening customer service and modifying your digital strategy to adapt to unprecedented business challenges. A hasty search engine query, “What can my brand do during coronavirus?” will garner countless “How-to” survival guides for navigating through the uncharted territory that is COVID-19. Countless articles stress crafting the right marketing messages...
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Connecting with the Modern Consumer

Find the right opportunities for your brand to win over hearts and minds. Connecting your brand on a personal level with the modern consumer takes guts. That’s because from a marketing perspective, consumers are just plain confusing. According to ecommerce platform Big Commerce’s findings on omni-channel selling, 51% of Americans prefer shopping online, while 49%...
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How to Create a Buyer Persona to Benefit Your Business

Create a buyer persona to reflect your true consumer – it is essential to your marketing efforts. Buyer personas are similar to an outline or blueprint of your consumer; yet, rather than simply identifying them via demographics, they take a deeper dive into understanding these individuals through their behaviors, interests and motivations. Oftentimes, there’s an...
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