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Why the Customer Experience Matters

Turn a Negative Customer Experience into a Positive One

Why the Customer Experience matters so much to your business: “We are currently experiencing a heavy volume of calls. Please stay on the line as we reroute an obscene amount of calls to the inappropriate department, leaving most of you on hold even longer than you were initially, and, more often than not, just disconnecting...
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pop-aisle; consumer promotions

3 Keys to an Effective Consumer Promotion

When Cliffedge first started in 2001, driving incremental sales through a consumer promotion was pretty straightforward. All you needed was a shelf-talker, an entry pad, a giveaway, a radio buy, and voilà, incremental sales! Fast-forward to today; however, and things have changed. A lot. The number of touchpoints and purchase options available to consumers has...
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Databasing 101

Databasing 101

Learn the basics and best practices of databasing, including how your database functions as a valuable tool to help you communicate directly with customers and drive sales growth. Social media. You know that’s the hot trend. You’ve got videos. You’ve got a decent following. You may even have a college kid from some stellar agency...
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Holiday Shopping Online

4 Ways to Drive Online Sales this Holiday Season

Drive online sales this holiday season. Inspire consumer action and deliver results with an aggressive digital sales strategy. Small-to-midsize food and beverage brands experience an amplified amount of competition surrounding the holiday season. Consumers, inundated with seemingly never-ending Black Friday shopping deals, turn to the most appealing prices and appetizing promotions. Positioning your brand at...
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What is Retailtainment?

Understand how the concept creates new opportunities for retailers and impacts your brand. Other than the food you purchased, what do you remember about your most recent grocery shopping trip? Maybe your favorite brand ran an offer you couldn’t pass up, so you stocked up. Perhaps you had the pleasure of getting stuck with that one...
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Retail Decisions

The State of Retail

The state of retail is a complex situation. Here’s how your brand can experience real results in a challenging retail environment. The media is calling it the retail apocalypse.  Big time retailers J.C Penny, Macy’s, CVS, Payless and others have all taken a hit, filed for bankruptcy, or closed down a sizeable number of their...
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Product Sampling

Reveal Your Brand’s Potential through Product Sampling

From user-generated product reviews to branded viral videos, consumers are inundated with product information on a daily basis. More often than not, consumers readily rely on these resources to act as their best judgment before making a purchase. A quick online search for any product yields infinite results and consumers are suspended in the realm...
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