shopper engagement

Why Retail Sampling Still Works in a Digital World

Product sampling is not a new concept; the idea of giving away free items to boost brand awareness may be old, but it’s still an effective shopper marketing tactic.  Today, you can still walk into grocery stores and usually find at least one opportunity for a free sample somewhere. The reason is simple: Shoppers who...
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The Biggest Reason You Should Work With Micro-Influencers

In today’s digital marketing experience landscape, nothing holds quite as much value as the intangible idea of “authenticity.” Blatant advertisement and unsubtle marketing don’t generate the level of engagement that today’s brands require – in fact, it can even negatively affect the public perception of those brands. With the rise of newer social media platforms,...
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The Importance of a Promotional Hook in an Inflationary Economy

Consumers have never been quite as hard to reach effectively as they are today.  After several years of a damaging pandemic that upended many areas of society, buyers must now also contend with one of the most aggressive inflationary runs the economy has seen in decades. According to research, as many as three-quarters of households...
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How Brands Use Digital Technology to Transform Shopper Engagement

How shoppers interact with brands has changed dramatically in recent years, thanks to the advent and rapid growth of digital, interactive technology. What that means for your shopper marketing strategy: It’s no longer innovative – it’s table stakes.  Consumers now expect a more engaging and interactive buying experience, which retailers are working hard to deliver....
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