Tap into 20+ years of retail and shopper marketing experience.

What It Is

Some brands already have marketing professionals on staff who do fantastic work. However, as consumer behavior evolves and retailers continue to develop their own initiatives, finding an approach that fits your branding and supports your shelf promotions can be a challenge.

The Consulting Program lets you to tap into our 20+ years of retail and shopper marketing experience. We support your team as an advisor, guiding the development and implementation of proven consumer engagement strategies. Along the way, we’ll coach your team with insights, processes, best practices, and recommendations learned from our time in the industry.

Consider us your retail & shopper marketing strategy team. 

How It Works

Quarterly Planning Meetings

Based around product & retail seasonality, we conduct quarterly planning meetings (or calls or video chats) with your key members of your sales and marketing teams. The idea is to establish goals, set expectations, and brainstorm a consumer engagement plan for the quarter.

  • Your target retailers have a variety of marketing initiatives & priorities. We’ll help you map out opportunities that makes the most sense for your brand. 
  • Strategize marketing and consumer engagement strategies that overlay with your sales efforts. 
  • We’ll lay out an action plan and recommended budget for approval.

At the end of each quarter, we will help recap and review your efforts, offering recommendations and analysis as needed.

Monthly Calls

We facilitate monthly calls with key members of your team to answer questions, share best practices, and offer guidance where needed. However, we are here for you whenever you need assistance.  

Price: $2,000 / month 

Quarterly program

Let’s Talk Retail

If you need some help aligning your sales and marketing efforts at retail, let’s chat! We’ll walk you through our approach, answer your questions, and see if there’s a fit.