Our Approach

Giving Grocery Brands a Shopper Marketing Edge

You know your brand better than anyone. All that’s missing is the time, team and tactics to bring your vision to life. Together, we approach things differently to unlock creative strategies and immersive experiences that win over consumers at retail and drive revenue to new heights.  

Who we help with our retail marketing programs

We help grocery brands win with proven shopper marketing programs. Our clients include national and regional brands across major retail categories like deli & bakery, fresh produce, frozen foods, dairy, meat & seafood, beverage, center store and eCommerce. 

We're a best-fit partner for brands who want results, including:

Shoppable brand strategies that produce better business outcomes

Plug-and-play programs that scale across multiple retailers and markets

Better cost-efficiency (ROI) from marketing spends

Attribution and measurement of overall marketing impact at store-level

Alignment and reporting to improve internal reporting processes

Increased demand with consumers and retail partners

How we help solve these retail challenges

We make it easy for brands to launch retail marketing campaigns quickly and effectively with our 3-step framework: 

1. Strategy Playbook

Strategy Playbook

Map out a custom-built strategy guide that clearly shows how to get from point A to point B. 

2. Creative Planning & Development

Creative Planning & Development

Take on the development and approval process for campaign creative.

3. Campaign Activation

Campaign Activation

Launch retail campaigns, provide ongoing project management and deliver performance reporting. 

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What makes our Shopper Marketing Agency different?

Hub & Spoke Business Model

We amplify our efforts by working in collaboration with specialty agencies and vendor partners. This is how we solve your complex business challenges faster, while keeping overhead costs low. 

Grocery is Our Niche

For decades, we’ve built our expertise working with hundreds of national and regional brands. This deep understanding of the grocery industry is reflected in our proven shopper marketing solutions.

At the Intersection of Marketing & Sales

Think of us like your food broker’s creative younger brother. We value the same things, but we focus on the creative side of driving business at retail. 

How we bring campaigns to life

No two campaigns are the same, but we can help take the guesswork out of what will work and what won’t so you can stop worrying about sunk costs that can paralyze your retail marketing reach. Our retail partnerships typically employ a variety of these solutions: 

Retail Branding Services

Need help telling your story?

Retail Branding Services

We help you craft compelling brand stories that resonate with your target shopper and move them from indifference to interest where it matters most.

Brand Experience Services

Need help engaging your shoppers?

Brand Experience Services

We develop immersive, multi-dimensional experiences across the buyer’s journey that inspire action and create brand advocates. GET EXPERIENCED.

Digital Marketing Services

Need help creating a digital experience?

Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing team helps transform your online presence from a digital brochure into a shoppable ecosystem that connects and converts.

Content & Creative Services

Need help cutting through the noise?

Content & Creative Services

From motion media to social media, we capture the spirit of your campaign with compelling visual experiences that attract, engage, and delight. GET CREATIVE. 

Paid Media Services

Need help fast-tracking brand awareness? 

Paid Media Services

Our team of content strategists, managers and creators help you deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time with highly effective paid media campaigns.

Shopper Marketing Services

Need help driving more qualified leads? 

Shopper Marketing Services

Our strategic approach to shopper marketing helps brands navigate the complex retail environment, increase demand and drive conversion. GET ENGAGED.

Getting started with Cliffedge Marketing

If you’re ready to inspire action across your consumers’ path to purchase, then put our process to the test for your audience. We’ll organize and optimize shopper marketing campaigns that focus on performance, prioritize action-oriented metrics and deliver revenue-boosting outcomes.

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