Plug our shopper marketing specialists into your existing team and receive the strategic, creative solutions that tackle your brand goals by capturing consumer interest, building loyalty and increasing sales.

Our Shopper Marketing Approach Creates Relevance with Consumers


Secure Your “Positioning”

We start by establishing the brand theme that will steer the overall strategy and decision-making which we use to target specific, defined buyers and serve them unique stories and visuals that highlight your brand values.


Optimize Your “Website”

We open the digital doorway for consumers who are looking for meaningful interaction across a website that delivers a quality user experience, mobile responsiveness, social proof via reviews and data capture tools to market smarter.

Enhance Your “Customer Engagement”

We identify the appropriate marketing channels, in-store and online, to build relationships with your target audience and implement points of interaction along the path to purchase, we add value that motivates customer action.


Fill Your “Sales Funnel”

We nurture consumers with sales funnel management. Across paid media, call-to-actions, remarketing & retargeting, and email marketing, we cultivate brand recognition, drive repeat purchases and develop brand loyalty.


Capture Your “Data Analysis”

We provide the reporting and insights to prove ROI and close the loop on your shopper marketing investments. This helps refine your approach and optimize the next step of the strategy thanks to your data-driven decisions.

How We Partner with Your Brand

Shopper Marketing Agency Services

Ensure We’re a Fit

We don’t do everything and we don’t do it for everyone. To make sure we’re the right fit for your business, Cliffedge provides a free one-page proposal that will give you a snapshot of how we can help you achieve your goals. 

Design a Strategy

Next, our partners typically begin with a custom strategy guide that helps you stand out in retail and lays the foundation for a results-driven marketing program. The end result is a marketing playbook you can use internally or outsource as needed.

Implement your Plan

Finally, our team of retail & shopper marketing specialists can implement your plan as a plug-and-play marketing department or guide your team through the process. With over 20+ years in retail, Cliffedge is your end-to-end solution for consumer engagement.

What You Can Expect

Meet Our Leadership Team

Ryan Cliffe

Managing Partner

Ryan Cliffe

Ryan is the 2nd generation leader of the family business. He is the creative force behind Cliffedge and responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations. In his free time, you can find Ryan in the backyard by the grill.

Sherri Cliffe

Partner & Marketing Maven

Sherri Cliffe

Sherri ran Cliffedge for 17 years as our creative mastermind. She has since handed over the reigns, but remains actively involved as our marketing guru. When not at work, Sherri enjoys spending time at the family farm.

Colin Listner

Marketing Director

Colin Listner

Colin is responsible for strategic planning and quality control. He works closely with our partners to make sure they get the most bang for their buck. Colin is the proud father of 3 boys and an all-star scout leader.

Angela Karas

Content Manager

Angela Karas

Angela is our in-house copywriter and content manager. She oversees online business development for both Cliffedge and our partners. Outside the office, she’s always exploring the St. Louis music and cuisine scene.

Jessica Gilbert

Operations Manager

Jessica Gilbert

Jessica is the glue that holds Cliffedge together. She oversees company finances, internal communication, and manages our brand ambassador teams. Jessica is a very excited new mom to sweet baby-boy, Henry!

Stuart Kendall

Partner & Executive Producer

Stuart Kendall

As Eventuro’s Managing Partner, he insures our impeccable creative work is on-brand, on-budget and on-time. As a Producer & Creative Director, he has successfully activated hundreds of projects for some of Fortune 50’s largest brands.

Eric DeFord

Partner & Creative Director

Eric DeFord

As Managing Partner for Eventuro, Eric’s background focuses on motion media and dynamic storytelling. He has broad experience with live events and immersive entertainment media focusing on engaging consumers. 

Shannon Peterson

Multimedia Designer

Shannon Peterson

As Eventuro’s Multimedia Designer, Shannon specializes in animation, editing, website content development and creating dynamic Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality experiences. Shannon loves mountain biking and all things outdoors.

Strategy Guide Proposal

Start with a FREE 1-page proposal

The best way to make sure we’re the right fit for your brand is to see us in action. Request a free, custom one-pager which includes:

  • A unique, creative concept
  • Consumer engagement tactics
  • High-level marketing strategy
  • Best-fit Cliffedge services
  • Estimated activation budget