Let us be your plug-and-play marketing team

What It Is

The Execution and Management Program functions like a plug-and-play marketing department for your brand, offsetting gaps you may have in time, experience, or staff.

Working off the strategy guide we create in your Marketing Manual, our team implements proven retail and shopper marketing strategies that generally fall into 2 categories:

  • Consumer Promotions: Digital or physical incentives designed to boost your brand’s visibility and sales at a specific retailer(s).
  • Shopper Marketing: The process of attracting, engaging, and converting consumers at key points along their path-to-purchase.

How pricing usually works

Our Execution and Management services are intentionally flexible. Depending on needs, we can either jointly implement with your existing team or serve as your full-service marketing department. The more your team handles internally, the lower your costs will be.

If our team manages a full-scale implementation on your behalf, which includes our costs, a paid media budget, and sometimes printing or 3rd party support, the pricing structure is as follows:

  • Our consumer promotions usually start around $10k.
  • Our shopper marketing services are month-to-month (subscription-based) and average around $3,000 per month

Again, the more your team manages, the lower your investment. Another option to lower costs would be our Consulting Program. We support your team as an advisor, guiding them through the implementation process.

Free Consultation

If your brand could use a little extra support, give us a shout! We’ll walk you through our approach, answer your questions, and see if there’s a fit.