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Develop a Stand Out Digital Marketing Strategy as a CPG Brand

As the consumer packaged goods market changes, businesses will need to change their strategies, too. Digital shopper marketing can help companies reach larger audiences, gain more sales and increase brand awareness. Knowing where to start can supply you with incredible marketing leverage that drives more customers to your business rather than to competitors.  Discover several...
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How Brands Use Digital Technology to Transform Shopper Engagement

How shoppers interact with brands has changed dramatically in recent years, thanks to the advent and rapid growth of digital, interactive technology. What that means for your shopper marketing strategy: It’s no longer innovative – it’s table stakes.  Consumers now expect a more engaging and interactive buying experience, which retailers are working hard to deliver....
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Cutting Edge Phygital Strategies for Retail Brands

Today’s retail landscape has changed drastically over the last 5 years. Even more recently, the last two years have seen consumer adoption of digital channels increase tenfold by all age groups which has prompted a shift of corporate outlook on the necessity of technology. As life continues to normalize, shopping attitudes persistently evolve as consumers...
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Build Engaging Brand Experiences for the Gen Z Shopper

As the Gen Z demographic continues to grow in numbers and significance, brands must find new, innovative ways to connect with this powerful consumer group. This audience has established their uniqueness by being highly value-oriented, holding brands accountable and often seeking specific, new solutions to solve evolving wants and needs. Generation Z, those born after...
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6 Proven Ways to Improve a Brand Experience

If a brand is a glimpse into who you are as a company, your brand experience is how your customers interact with it. Typically, a brand experience is first encountered as a digital experience or virtual experience designed to highlight your brand in engaging, innovative ways that drives interest towards your product and ultimately creates...
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How a Digital Experience Makes Your Retail Brand Stand Out

An easy way to ensure your brand stands out is to create an intuitive, optimized online experience. You want everything from the content to the ordering process to be simple yet unique. Most consumer journeys begin online, and it’s your job to ensure that part of your branding strategy includes an unforgettable digital experience. What...
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6 Ways Augmented Reality Can Benefit Your Brand in Retail

How does your brand attract attention on the shelves?  Retail marketing is highly competitive, and brands who want to succeed need to harness cutting-edge technology to keep ahead in our rapidly changing landscape. Excitingly, consumers readily adopted augmented reality during the pandemic due to being more likely to adopt touch-free experiences into their shopping and...
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The Future of Retail is Augmented Reality

Retail brands learned some valuable and hard lessons in 2020. (Check out our 2021 Consumer Report to see how COVID transformed shopper behavior.)  First, they felt a large amount of pressure to make products available in a safe, fast and contactless way when consumers were faced with the fear of remaining socially distant and avoiding...
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Why the QR Code Belongs in Your Retail Marketing

Believe it or not, QR code technology has been around for almost a decade.  Nevertheless, for as long as QR codes have existed, consumers, marketers and brands have experienced a hot and cold relationship with these two-dimensional boxes.  Their goal has always been simple –  scan with your phone for easy access to wherever its...
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Sell More CPG Products on Amazon

How to Sell More CPG Products on Amazon

Selling consumer packaged goods on Amazon is a smart path to grow your brand based on the state of retail today. But are you doing it effectively? This guide shares useful tips and tricks to ensure you’re set up for success to sell more of your CPG brand products on Amazon and get the most...
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