How Brands Use Digital Technology to Transform Shopper Engagement

How shoppers interact with brands has changed dramatically in recent years, thanks to the advent and rapid growth of digital, interactive technology. What that means for your shopper marketing strategy: It’s no longer innovative – it’s table stakes. 

Consumers now expect a more engaging and interactive buying experience, which retailers are working hard to deliver. Brands large and small are finding it easier to connect with a creative, digital technology strategy to transform shopper engagement results and change the way consumers interact with their brand.

How retailers leverage in-store, digital technology to enhance the shopping experience

Even within a brick-and-mortar location, retailers are using digital technology in various ways to enhance the shopper experience. In-store displays and kiosks can provide information about products, promotions and store events. Digital signage can also guide shoppers through the store and help them find what they’re looking for.

Many retailers also use mobile apps to give shoppers a more personalized experience. Apps can offer coupons and loyalty programs, allowing shoppers to order online and pick up in-store.

Ultimately, digital technology creates more engaging customer service experiences by featuring live chat online, real-time availability, product mapping and in-app messaging so customers can get answers to their questions quickly and easily.

Benefits of using digital technology to engage shoppers

There are many benefits to using digital technology to engage shoppers, including:

  • Provide a more personalized store experience
  • Enhance customer service
  • Increase sales and conversions
  • Build brand awareness and loyalty

HubSpot states that almost 60% of experiential marketing marketers find it successful, and nearly half of them plan on increasing their investment in digital marketing in 2022.

Retailers must keep up with the latest shopper engagement trends and technologies to stay ahead of the competition. By using digital technology to engage shoppers, retailers can create a more enjoyable shopping experience that will keep customers coming back.

Shopper Marketing Examples of Brands using digital technology to improve Shopper Engagement In-Store and Online

Many retailers are using digital technology to improve shopper engagement. Here are a few examples of brands using innovative digital brand experiences:

  • Nike’s “Speed Shop” in NYC lets customers build their perfect shoe online then visit the store to find their shoes in a personalized locker they can access with their phone.
  • Sam’s Club uses robotic cleaners to scrub floors and automate the more menial tasks that free up their staff to deliver a more focused, personalized customer experience.
  • Amazon continues to disrupt the retail experience, now with Amazon Go, a high-tech version of the 7-11 format that lets customers just pick objects off the shelf and leave.
  • IKEA debuted IKEA Place, an augmented reality app where you can drag IKEA items around a photo image of your space to see how they look and fit, then purchase.
  • Lowe’s has Lowebot, a retail service robot that helps customers find items and assists with inventory monitoring in one of the company’s hardware shops.

These are just a few examples of how retailers use digital technology to improve shopper engagement and provide a more personalized, interactive shopping experience that changes how shoppers interact with brands and retailers.

Take your shopper engagement to the next level

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