The Personalized, Omnichannel Retail Approach to Shopper Marketing

The Personalized, Omnichannel Retail Approach to Shopper Marketing

Many CPG brands adopt shopper marketing strategies that focus on the in-store marketing side of the consumer journey. However, brands can be doing a lot more to influence the behavior of shoppers beyond displays, promotions and packaging. To be clear, shopper marketing is not exactly the same as consumer marketing, even though there are overlaps....
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Improve Sales Velocity & Move More Products Off the Shelf

Improve Sales Velocity and Move More Products Off the Shelf

Looking to move more of your products from shelves into carts? Once you acquire a distribution agreement for a food and beverage product, the hard part is now getting your product off the shelves. So, how do shopper marketing brands get folks to purchase their product? It’s crucial for CPG brands to improve sales velocity...
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Retargeting vs. Remarketing

Comparing Remarketing vs. Retargeting for Your Retail Brand

When considering the digital marketing strategies available to your retail brand, it’s important to keep in mind that one of the best bets is to re-engage people who have already shown interest in your brand. To accomplish this, we often recommend remarketing and/or retargeting tactics. These two digital marketing tactics may have some similarities, as...
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Content Marketing Performance Metrics for CPG Brands

The Key Content Marketing Performance Metrics for CPG Brands

When it comes to shopper marketing for CPG brands, understanding your content performance metrics is almost as important as the content itself. Without performance metrics, you’ll have no idea whether or not the content you’re creating or the digital marketing strategy you’re following is actually making an impact on your bottom line. Measuring and monitoring...
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Improve Content Marketing Strategy

How to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy for CPG Brands

If storytelling is the best way to connect with someone, content marketing is the tactic brands use to make their business more relatable and useful so they can connect with their consumers in an authentic way. Essentially, making your content marketing strategy count is less about your brand, product and services and more about your...
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Why CPG Brands Should Start a Food Blog

Why CPG Brands Should Start A Food Blog

A food blog is a great way for CPG brands to generate more brand awareness and boost shopper engagement. As experts at firing up the digital marketing tactics of CPG and Retail brands’ overall shopper marketing strategy, Cliffedge Marketing is happy to share how easy it is to kickstart a food blog and take your...
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In-Store Contesting Best Practices

In-Store Contesting Best Practices for Retail Brands

Are you planning an in-store contest or consumer promotion for your brand? Our retail promotions specialists review some of the contesting best practices that have helped popular CPG brands create relevance and drive action with consumers. In-Store Contesting Best Practices When it comes to in-store contesting, simplicity will take you a long way. One of...
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How to Run a Successful Retail Contest

Running a retail contest is a great way to drive results and engage with your key customers. If you want your promotional giveaway to be successful, though, consider these 5 retail contest tips that can make the process more efficient and improve outcomes. 5 Tips for Running a Successful Retail Contest 1. Set Your Goals...
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Pass the 'Who Cares?' Test with Consumers

The “Who Cares” Test

In the competitive world of CPG retail, answering one question can help you stand apart: Does it pass the “Who Cares”  Test? With an almost endless array of options available at their fingertips, why should consumers consider your brand over another? If your initial reaction is to quote the features of your product (i.e., all...
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Grocery Shopping Ideas

How to Get Your Product Off the Shelf

Cost-Effective Strategies Designed to Move More Product at Retail Good news! Your product is finally in the store, on the shelves, and looking good. You’ve overcome some major hurdles to ensure it makes an impact. Unfortunately, your product can’t do all the talking for you, even if it is amazing (we believe you). You still...
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