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Looking to make a difference? Retail brands can serve a purpose beyond their products by connecting with movements that matter. The right Cause Marketing Program doesn’t just grow your bottom-line, it grows your overall brand identity.

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Seize the Opportunity to Do Better

A purpose-driven approach to cause marketing can be environmental, social or both. As products move off the shelf, you generate revenue while promoting charitable causes. When you partner with Cliffedge Marketing, a trusted Cause Marketing Agency, you do better while doing good.

We align your retail products with purpose in a variety of ways:

  • Campaign development
  • Strategy and positioning
  • Integrated media
  • Retail programming
  • Strategic alliances
  • Content and creative

With Great Power Comes Great Corporate Social Responsibility

Cone Communications reports that 80% of consumers consider CSR when shopping or recommending a brand. In fact, 91% of shoppers claim they’d happily switch brands to support causes whose values match their own. Today’s brands are expected to be part of the solution.

Define Your Market

We develop purpose-driven marketing campaigns that align with the values of your consumer demographic. Our research and partnerships identify the movements that matter to your shoppers then align your corporate mission statement to address these needs on a global scale.

Market with a Mission

Cause Marketing Programs focus on an omni-channel retail marketing approach to serving the core values of your consumers. When your brand goals authentically resonate with shoppers, you transform consumers into brand advocates who will eagerly grow your business and mission.

Mission Possible with Cliffedge

From start to finish, Cliffedge Marketing helps your brand partner with the causes that mean the most to your consumers. We’ll develop a cause marketing strategy that’s mutually beneficial: You’ll earn customer loyalty while serving the local, national or global movements you care about!

Having been in the grocery industry for 36 years, I can say without a doubt that my business partnership with Cliffedge Marketing has produced some of our most successful & profitable merchandising events. They are true professionals and work very hard to deliver top notch results for their customers.

Tony M.
Walmart Regional Director for Nabisco/Cadbury

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