Grace’s Best Cookies Brand Refresh

The Challenge

Grace’s Best Cookies launched a new product and needed a website and packaging redesign to keep brand messaging consistent across their omnichannel marketing.

As a caveat to this engagement, Grace’s Best wanted to ensure brand advocates would still recognize their famous cookies in store without any confusion from this project refresh. 

Grace’s Best Cookies partnered with Cliffedge Marketing to transform their outdated website with a refreshed design and user experience as sweet as their cookies.

The Recipe for Success

Cliffedge Marketing worked on this project as a 360 support team to provide brand strategy and package design for a new website and complementary new resealable packaging. 

We used colorful earth tones to differentiate their two flagship products while also representing the sunny feel of Grace’s Best Cookies. At the same time, we placed QR codes on the new package to leverage AR for connecting shoppers to Grace’s Best brand out of store, adding to the omnichannel experience and implementing a more agile sales mechanism for exclusive promotions and offerings.

The Grace’s Best website needed an eCommerce engine that offered a more straightforward, natural navigation with an easier checkout experience. The Cliffedge team utilized best practices and user testing to redesign the site with optimal user experience at the heart of the process.

Alongside creative concepting, Cliffedge Marketing handled the project management, copywriting, design, user experience research and web development direction.

The Sweet Results

Grace’s Best website is now shopper-centric, bright and user friendly, creating additional goodwill between brand and consumer and making the check-out experience easier than ever. The new brand voice emulates their mission of “baking the world a better place” with a tone that is sweet, conversational, light-hearted and approachable. This persona is further highlighted via storytelling to add a personality to the brand that organically fosters connections with consumers.

The in-store packaging updates now feature new product descriptions and even add resealable functionality for consumers who don’t finish in one sitting. By playing with different color schemes, new products stand out for customers alongside tried-and-true favorites.

“Cliffedge creates and executes unique ideas that cater to my focus of selling more product in-store and online. Their team readily brings fresh ideas to the table because they care about the growth of my business. By employing their list of best practices, we’ve seen website traffic grow over 60%, online sales up 98%, and Amazon sales above 200%.”

Jeff Watson, General Manager, Grace’s Best Cookies

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