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The 2022 Shopper Marketing Trends in Retail

No one wants to be the brand that falls behind, which is why keeping an eye on future trends is smart when building a retail strategy for 2022.  The pandemic continues to shape shopper behavior and their expectations of the retail experience with trends that account for social distancing and convenience throughout the shopping experience. ...
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6 Ways Augmented Reality Can Benefit Your Brand in Retail

How does your brand attract attention on the shelves?  Retail marketing is highly competitive, and brands who want to succeed need to harness cutting-edge technology to keep ahead in our rapidly changing landscape. Excitingly, consumers readily adopted augmented reality during the pandemic due to being more likely to adopt touch-free experiences into their shopping and...
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Consumer Promotions Tips for This Holiday Season

For most retail brands, the wheels are already spinning on this year’s holiday marketing campaigns. Under normal circumstances, getting a jump on the 4th quarter with seasonal consumer promotions is critical. This year, it’s even more the case as online shopping transactions continue to soar. There is a projected expectation that sales this holiday are...
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Cross-Merchandising 101: Your Guide to Driving Retail Sales

Have you ever walked into a store and saw a product display that paired everything you needed? For instance, maybe it’s the height of summer and you’re greeted with a BBQ display that features charcoal next to a variety of sauces with hamburger buns and cases of beer resting right beside. That’s not a coincidence....
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An Introduction to a High-Performing Retail Media Strategy

Have you noticed a shift in the marketing strategy of the most popular and influential retail brands? If not, now is the time to start paying attention to the retail media strategy (and the shopper engagement it receives) of those around you, especially your competitors. Heavy hitters like Amazon and Walmart are putting their considerable...
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The Future of Retail is Augmented Reality

Retail brands learned some valuable and hard lessons in 2020. (Check out our 2021 Consumer Report to see how COVID transformed shopper behavior.)  First, they felt a large amount of pressure to make products available in a safe, fast and contactless way when consumers were faced with the fear of remaining socially distant and avoiding...
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