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Unlock the Power of Paid Media for CPG and Retail Brands

Your consumers are waiting for you online – is your paid digital media strategy optimized from a platform, design, messaging and budget perspective to find them? Navigating paid media as part of your shopper marketing strategy can be a daunting task for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands. Without a well-thought-out plan, it’s all too easy...
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How to Run a Successful Social Media Ad Campaign for CPG Brands

The power of social media is undeniable.  The sheer number of active users on these platforms is reason enough to start social media marketing for your grocery or CPG brand. Facebook alone boasts over two billion active users, while Instagram has over one billion each month. Most recently, Tiktok has exploded the growth of short-form...
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Ensure Your Retail Success with a Comprehensive POP Display and Visual Merchandising Strategy

One of the biggest challenges for any CPG brand is capturing the attention of a consumer in the overstimulating aisles of Target, Walmart, Kroger or other retail stores. But, before you even get your product onto shelves, it’s critical to have a retail merchandising plan that will captivate your potential buyers.  Most shopper marketing programs...
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The Four Cornerstones of an Effective Shopper Marketing Strategy

Crafting a compelling shopper marketing strategy is crucial for any brand aiming for longevity and genuine customer engagement. A well-executed strategy doesn’t merely talk at consumers; it resonates with them, speaks their language and meets their needs. While that may seem like a big ask of any campaign, our experience over the last two decades...
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Stand Out In Retail With Strong Brand Positioning

CPG brands often grapple with a crucial question when it comes to retail: “In a sea of similar products, how can consumers be convinced to choose yours?”  The answer lies in effective brand positioning, which serves as the bedrock of a brand’s go-to-market strategy. To help you market your brand effectively, Cliffedge Marketing will reveal...
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Improve Consumer Engagement with the KISS Method (Keep It Stupid Simple)

CPG business owners are constantly sold the next best strategy to capture consumer attention. With changing algorithms and the evolving nature of retail, it can be tempting to fall into the trap of shiny-object-syndrome. However, oftentimes when it comes to consumer engagement, the fundamentals of shopper marketing make the biggest impact. With 22 years of...
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