Improve conversions with ongoing social ad campaign redirecting to D2C Store

Grace's Best Cookies
Grace's Best Cookies social media ad campaign

Boost web traffic through recipe and affiliate content on social media

Setup Amazon Storefront and manage ongoing Sponsor Products and Display ad campaigns 

Grace's Best Cookies Amazon storefront

“Cliffedge creates and executes unique ideas that cater to my focus of selling more product in-store and online. Their team readily brings fresh ideas to the table because they care about the growth of my business. By employing their list of best practices, we’ve seen website traffic grow over 60%, online sales up 98%, and Amazon sales above 200%.”

Jeff Watson, General Manager, Grace’s Best Cookies


Client: Grace’s Best Cookies 
Challenge: Increase D2C and Amazon sales 
Solution: Grow and refine a sales-qualified audience, and improve and maintain the online purchase experience
Results: 60% increase in website traffic, 98% increase in online sales and 200% Amazon growth year-over-year


Kansas City-based growing brand Grace’s Best Cookies looked to establish best practices to help sell more product online.


We developed and implemented eCommerce marketing strategies for Grace’s Best Cookies designed to drive sales on their D2C and Amazon platforms.  

Step 1: Grow a Sales-Qualified Audience 

  • Through targeted social media ads, follower growth, and website data capture integration, more repeat customers are being marketed to and quality has taken over quantity
  • By continuously growing and refining the target audience, revenue due to newsletters have shown recent growth upwards of 98% (YoY)
  •  Increase website traffic by leveraging and promoting purposeful social media, recipe, and affiliate content

Step 2: Improve the Online Path to Purchase Experience 

  • Streamline the path to purchase by eliminating unnecessary roadblocks that created confusion for the buyer 
  • Implement an automated email system that informed the customer of their order details, nearly eliminating order correspondence
  • Set up an Amazon storefront and launch ongoing Sponsored Products and Display ads campaigns 
  • Switch to a Fulfilled by Merchant procedure on Amazon; a cost savings of approximately 7% per unit sold 

Step 3: Enhance Customer Service 

  • Maintain a positive Amazon customer experience by following Amazon Best Practices
  • Manage and address ongoing questions or concerns via email and social media, and filter priority notifications for the owner’s reference


  • 60% increase in website traffic 
  • 98% increase in online sales 
  • 200% increase in Amazon sales 

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