Our Process and Pricing

Scalable 2-Tier Framework

Growing a brand at retail requires an idea, a plan and then careful execution. Cliffedge Marketing’s dedicated shopper marketing specialists offer a flexible 2-tier solution to help brands win at retail. 

Tier 1: Strategy & Consulting

Budget: $5,000 per month

Timeline: Quarterly / ongoing

What it is:

Our retail specialists serve as an extension of your team to oversee the development and implementation of revenue-focused marketing campaigns.

What we do:

Strategy: Our shopper marketing specialists map out a go-to-market strategy designed around your business goals and budget. Team Lead: Nichole Kennelly.

Project Management: We oversee implementation and make it easy for you to bring campaigns to market on-time and on-budget. Team Lead: Angela Karas.

Consulting: More than an agency, we’re your partner. We help align and support your team as subject matter experts, empowering and upskilling them along the way.

How it works:

Quarterly Planning: Based on retail seasonality, we help you identify best-fit opportunities for your brand / budget and align your team around a marketing action plan.

Go-to-Market Messaging: Guided by 20+ years of proven shopper marketing experience, our team helps optimize your brand creative & messaging for the retail ecosystem.

Organize & Align Teams: Like an air traffic controller, we coordinate internal teams and 3rd party providers to ensure seamless campaign execution from start to finish.

Guide Implementation: From concept through completion, we guide your team through implementation, paying special attention to key processes:

  • Paid Media Planning: From social media to retail media, we help you map out multichannel paid media buys to support your consumer promotion.
  • 3rd Party Providers: We facilitate as-needed support from a variety of 3rd party providers (i.e., Neptune Retail Solutions), managing logistics along the way.
  • Campaign P&L: We bring decades of campaign management experience to your bottom line – setting realistic expectations and managing expenses throughout the process.  
  • Sales Tools & Resources: From shopper data to stylized one-sheeters, we work with your sales team to wow your retail partners and facilitate sell-in.

Data-Driven Optimization: Using data-driven insights, we help you to optimize campaign performance to improve the cost-effectiveness of your marketing spend.

Rinse and Repeat: Building on key marketing and sales performance metrics from each quarterly promotion, we help you establish benchmarks and engineer a model to assist with future campaign

Tier 2: Scalable Marketing Support

Budget: Variable

Timeline: As needed

What it is:

When you need a little extra creative horsepower for your next promotion, we offer full-service marketing solutions that can be scaled up or down as needed.

How we bring campaigns to life:

Retail Branding Services

We help you craft compelling brand stories that resonate with your target shopper and move them from indifference to interest where it matters most.

Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing team helps transform your online presence from a digital brochure into a shoppable ecosystem that connects and converts.

Integrated Media Services

We help you craft compelling brand stories that resonate with your target shopper and move them from indifference to interest where it matters most.

Content & Creative Services

From motion media to social media, we capture the spirit of your campaign with compelling visual experiences that attract, engage, and delight. GET CREATIVE.

Brand Experience Services

We develop immersive, multi-dimensional experiences across the buyer’s journey that inspire action and create brand advocates. GET EXPERIENCED.

Shopper Marketing Services

Our strategic approach to shopper marketing helps brands navigate the complex retail environment, increase demand and drive conversion. GET ENGAGED.

What you can expect:

Our data-driven approach is designed to help you increase demand for your product(s) in 2 crucial ways:

  • Demand with Consumers: We help you create relevance with your target shopper and motivate action across their path to purchase.
  • Demand with Retailers: We facilitate sell-in to retailers by enabling your sales team with data, tools, and creative resources. 

When it comes to performance, we prioritize action-oriented metrics and revenue-focused outcomes. Usually, we look at two types of KPIs:

  • Marketing KPIs like web traffic, social engagement, click-through-rate, etc.
  • Sales KPIs like unit volume, unit velocity, ROAS, etc

Our approach to shopper marketing focuses on aligning your marketing and sales teams to achieve more productive business outcomes. We help you test, measure, and refine until you have a sustainable marketing engine, optimized for retail.

When you can expect to see results:

You can think of results in both short-term and long-term outcomes.

In the short-term (1-3 months), most partners will see a noticeable increase in the KPIs mentioned above. However, there is a lot of variability in retail and things like seasonality can skew the results.

In the long-term (4+ months), we use those same performance metrics to set benchmarks and establish trend lines. Over time, those data-driven insights are used to engineer a model to improve the performance of future campaigns.

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