Scale Your Retail Brand with Consumer Promotions

At its heart, scaling your retail brand means growing your customer base. 

We’ve covered this before in our shopping marketing strategy guide, but the issue that most brands face is that the traditional framework being used for retail has little impact on actually helping you establish relevance with your customers.

Short-term sales might be boosted with traditional marketing tactics like TPRs, coupons, and ads, but they won’t be sufficient on their own to set your brand apart from the competition. Simply put –  it’s because every other brand is doing the same thing! 

As a result, your own brand (and sales growth) will eventually plateau with these retail marketing tactics because people are used to them. So how can you grab consumers’ attention? How can you make a splash?

The answer is consumer promotions.

How Consumer Promotions Help Benefit and Scale Your CPG Brand:

Incremental Sales – Used in combination with in-store merchandising tools like shelf talkers, consumer promotions differentiate your brand and get consumers to stop in-aisle. Promotions cut through the clutter and motive shoppers to choose your product over the competition in a crowded market. 

Word-of-Mouth Reputation – Brands benefit strongly from generating buzz among consumers and communities with their consumer promotions. When you deliver a memorable experience, word-of-mouth excitement will build around your promotion and secure your reputation.

Brand Recognition – Brands need to stand out in the crowd and show up differently from their competitors. Promotions are a great way to let your unique flag fly through interesting, creative experiences or contests for consumers that keep them coming back for more. Similarly, if a competitor is offering the same thing, add an extra incentive to your own promotion.

Multi-Channel Awareness – When brands make the decision to invest in a consumer promotions experience, it incentivizes them to do what’s necessary to deliver a return. This often leads to a multi-channel approach to promoting the campaign, generating awareness and engagement with consumers across a variety of channels that extend beyond store-level.

Data Segmentation – Your promotion or contest will require customers to trade information for access. This data is an integral part of the consumer’s contact record with your brand because it can be used to segment them based on their details and interests and then personalize the marketing via email, direct mail, etc. 

Bringing Consumer Promotions to Your Shoppers

The experience that you create for the shopper must extend their interest beyond just the features of what you’re selling. Your brand basically needs to pass what we call The “Who Cares” Test. Why should consumers care about your brand? Conveying this message won’t be accomplished with in-store marketing alone.

More and more, consumers need to be convinced, nay compelled to choose a brand. To choose your brand. Consumer promotions do just that, and much more. 

Partner with the Consumer Promotions Specialists

Cliffedge Marketing works with CPG brands to launch consumer promotions that capture consumer interest and cultivate brand loyalty by employing proven, practical strategies that provide creative solutions. 

In other words, we know what it takes to scale retail growth in today’s challenging business environment.

Here are just a few ways to partner with us!
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