multichannel shopper marketing

What is retail media? Benefits, challenges, and best practices.

Standing out and capturing the attention of consumers is more challenging than ever for brands competing in today’s advertising landscape, yet one area still presents a significant, growing opportunity for CPG brands to win hearts and minds: retail media.  Why do grocery brands need a retail media strategy? Simply put – to grow! Think of...
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What Results Can You Expect from Shopper Marketing?

Welcome to the world of shopper marketing, where retail magic happens and consumer decisions transform into tangible results. So, how do you turn your marketing strategies into buyer-focused, brand-building results?  Shopper marketing focuses on (you guessed it) the shopper, taking a close look at their interests and behaviors, then following them along their entire path...
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The Cost and Considerations of a Multichannel Shopper Marketing Campaign

One thing is certain: Your multichannel shopper marketing campaign is an investment worth making. But how do you budget for a shopper marketing campaign or consumer promotion? Today, about 73% of customers use multiple channels during their shopping journey, according to the Harvard Business Review. For grocery brands and retail marketers, reaching these consumers effectively...
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