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How to Win Over a Retailer and Promote Your Product In-Store

As a brand, you understand the importance of running promotions to boost sales. However, before you can successfully promote your campaign at retail, you need to convince the retailer that your campaign will provide a return on investment (ROI) for all involved.  Luckily, the right pitch can make it hard for the retailer to say...
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When Should You Hire A Shopper Marketing Agency?

Grocery brands can gain a competitive edge by implementing strategic shopper marketing tactics that drive sales and increase brand awareness. The problem: These same brands rarely know what marketing moves to make and when. A shopper marketing agency has a wealth of expertise and experience on their side to help grocery brands navigate this complicated retail...
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What Makes a Shopper Marketing Agency a Good Choice?

Developing an effective grocery brand strategy today is easier said than done—even when you have a superb product and loyal consumers.  Today’s CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) space is more crowded than ever, and today’s shoppers have more information competing for their attention in more places than ever. With such a landscape, it makes sense to...
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