The 2022 Shopper Marketing Trends in Retail

No one wants to be the brand that falls behind, which is why keeping an eye on future trends is smart when building a retail strategy for 2022. 

The pandemic continues to shape shopper behavior and their expectations of the retail experience with trends that account for social distancing and convenience throughout the shopping experience. 

Here are our top 2022 retail trends to consider for your shopper marketing strategy.

Reimagining Store Layout & Design

Pandemic burnout has many shoppers tired of wearing masks and desiring other ways to stay safe while enjoying the in-store shopping experience. Social distancing is one way to offer a feeling of enhanced security in a retail space.

There are many ways you can accommodate this trend as part of your retail strategy: 

  • Acrylic perspex screens to shield shoppers at checkouts
  • Enhanced aisle widths to allow for social distancing
  • Self-checkout or touch-free payment options

More space and larger layouts aren’t always the answer, though. Small-format stores in more locations save urban shoppers the trouble of going to a big box store by offering a selection of goods in a smaller space. This explains the rising popularity of the “pop up store” which is a great way to generate buzz around your brand. In the end, these stores are more likely to attract local shoppers who appreciate skipping large crowds.

Omnichannel Experiences

Omnichannel marketing is a given in 2022, with omnichannel shopping experiences becoming the gold standard. It isn’t enough to market across multiple channels; that experience needs to feel seamless to the consumer. 

The future of retail is adopting AR and VR technology to augment the purchasing experience at home and in stores to take your omnichannel to the next level.

Same Day Delivery

Delivery apps had their time to shine during the pandemic, and consumers want this convenience to stay. 

Brands are finding solutions to offer same-day delivery options by partnering with delivery apps, having their own delivery options or implementing a click and collect strategy to put you top of mind when consumers are ready to make a quick purchase. Online shopping is a habit for many consumers now, and they’ll appreciate the ability to buy online and pick up in-store. 

As a workaround – If you can’t offer same-day delivery, you can come close by offering free shipping with larger carts or faster delivery options such as two-day. 

Buy Now, Pay Later

The “buy now, pay later” boom continues to grow, with Gen Z, in particular, appreciating this option. Many younger consumers who grew up wary of the open-ended nature of credit cards appreciate this alternative short-term option to finance purchases on the spot during checkout.

Shopping Via Social Media

Social commerce options make shopping convenient for consumers interested in unboxing and user reviews online. Adding “buy now” buttons to paid social posts is another way to take advantage of this trend. 

Consumers will appreciate this seamless shopping experience while being more likely to make purchase decisions and join in on trends with their friends as they are scrolling through feeds from the couch or during a break when they’re already engaged.

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