3 Tips to Improve Your Customer Engagement Strategy

In the highly competitive, commoditized world of CPG retail, customer engagement is the result of all the customer interactions that set your brand apart.

As we emerge from the pandemic and things begin to normalize, it becomes clear how much the retail landscape has changed. As detailed in our Consumer Trends Report, there are 4 major shifts in consumerism that will have a lasting impact on your brand’s customer engagement strategy.

  1. Shift to Digital
  2. Price-Consciousness
  3. Social Responsibility
  4. Less Brand Loyalty

Viewed together, the trend that emerges is a growing demand from consumers to receive more value from the brands they buy. To meet this shift in consumer behavior, CPG brands must reassess their approach to customer engagement and focus on creating a more consumer-centric experience.

3 Ways to Be More Consumer-Centric

Focus on a Solution

Brands brag on their features, but consumers crave connection. They care when you address their needs, interests, or pain points and direct them to helpful solutions or resources.

To enhance the consumer’s experience, actively showcase the variety of ways your product can be used as a benefit to their lives.

Take the “Who Cares” Test to evaluate the consumer-centricity of your brand.

Eliminate Barriers to Purchase

Design your retail efforts with the sole purpose of providing ample opportunities for your customers to convert on any channel.

By targeting the right audience and tailoring solutions to their unique needs, omnichannel retail marketing creates a personalized experience across the entire buyer’s journey without being intrusive or overbearing.

Omnichannel delivers consistent branding across a variety of channels to capture attention, prep shoppers for their in-store experiences, and provide content suited to the interests of your target buyer groups.

Provide Value that Extends Beyond Price 

Consumers continue to face financial uncertainty and are increasingly turning to private label brands to get more out of their dollar. If you’re only competing on price, you’re going to lose out to the store brands, while neglecting opportunities to build stronger brand recognition, loyalty and customer retention.

So, beyond price, what kind of value can you offer?

By positioning your brand as a helpful resource, you become a powerful solution to the needs of your customers. Lean on your buyer personas, as they are useful tools for identifying what will excite, immerse, and convert customers at key points in their shopping journey.

Scale Your Business at Retail 

Creating meaningful engagement in today’s fragmented retail environment can be challenging. At Cliffedge Marketing, our shopper marketing experts deliver strategic and creative solutions to give your brand a boost at retail. Schedule a free brainstorm with the team today!

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