4 Strategies to Take the Consumer Retail Experience to the Next Level

Increasing in-store footfall and improving digital traffic can sometimes seem like contradictory tasks. Is your brand or business an online experience, or are you a brick-and-mortar retail space? Can you have it both ways?

For many brand managers, trade marketers and small business owners, it’s possible to do this successfully – with the right shopper marketing strategy. Implementing teams and strategies to drive footfall and online engagement can make the process much easier, connect with more consumers, improve sales velocity and ultimately deliver more ROI.

4 Shopper Marketing Tips to Improve Digital and In-Store Experiences

1. Leverage Immersive, Sensory Experiences

Sensory experiences can drive customer engagement in a unique, personal way. Think about all the elements that might go into your retail experience at a store. You not only have the products, but different aspects within the retail space work together to create a mood or interest. It can range from lighting to product arrangement to smell.

Utilize all five senses when possible in your marketing push to create strong connections between consumers and brands in a physical space. However, don’t neglect your online retail component, either. Sure, you may not be able to smell or taste a website, but sound and sight are essential elements to produce an emotional response.

2. Create Limited Opportunities to Purchase

One of the biggest retail drivers is scarcity and limited opportunity. Think of the Playstation 5… Specifically, we’re talking about creating a retail environment where something is available for a limited time or in limited supply. Limited opportunities drive that fear of missing out (FOMO), which has a lot of power and creates a lot of buzz. For example, it’s why shoe companies offer limited releases on websites to drive sales of a limited-edition sneaker.

How can you create FOMO in a retail space? Consider the pop-up shop. Major brands in entertainment will often create limited-time pop-up shops to move products in a brief window, often with exclusive products. These limited opportunities drive attention, sales and loyalty.

3. Drive Awareness with Strategic Signage

Signage that directs foot traffic is a marketing essential for any retail experience. How do you sell to customers who don’t know you’re around? Attractive, clever signage placed outside and inside stores can reinforce your brand and products by being the first line of offense that drives awareness leading consumers to your retail environment.

This works in concert with the previous point of pop up shops because retailers use signage outside the experience to introduce the event, promote offers and attract customers, especially when the signage is witty or topical. 

Signage even has its place in the digital space through advertisements and promoted social media posts. When you work closely with branding experts, it can pay dividends in directing potential customers to your retail space – online or on foot.

4. Merge Digital Channels with Convenience

As much as you want to bring the customers into your retail spaces, the reality is that many customers often want to shop online and pick up in-store. Retail marketers should focus on tailoring a brand experience for consumers that creates positive associations and matches the needs and preferences of their audience. 

For example, in the last two years, creating a more convenient shopper experience via click & collect options, curbside pickup and local delivery has become more and more common and is clearly here to stay.

Ready to take your retail experience to the next level?

When it comes to building your shopper marketing strategies to connect your retail brand with your consumers, it helps to work with trusted experts in the field. Cliffedge Marketing has the skills, strategies, and expertise built from over 20 years in the industry to accelerate your retail marketing needs. 

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