Retailers Shift Strategies to Match Shopper Marketing Trends

As consumers gravitate toward a more mobile, digital brand experience, retail marketing strategies are adjusting on the fly to match the latest shopper marketing trends. 

After working with top brands pre and post-pandemic to engage shoppers and market share, we’re excited to show how brands can utilize some of the latest shopper marketing trends and craft a retail brand experience that connects with consumers.

Revisiting Your Shopper Marketing Approach

Shopper marketing is a retail-specific specialty that aligns brand goals with shopper needs and motivates consumer action at specific touch points along their shopping journey. Shopper marketing aims to drive sales velocity and create consumer loyalty by delivering an optimal experience that meets their needs and elevates the overall experience.

 Some of the latest 2022 shopper marketing trends include:

 According to a 2022 report, more than 70% of Americans are concerned about leaving their phone at home. This number will only increase as we grow more dependent on our devices for everything from directions to deals to payment. As a result, brands must focus on creating a seamless digital brand experience that provides shoppers with the information they need when they need it.

The Shopper Marketing Breakdown

There are three main types of shopper marketing: 

  1. In-store shopper marketing: In-store shopper marketing may be improved by optimizing store positioning and layout, using creative packaging and leveraging experiential events and promotions to enhance the physical buying experience.
  2. Online shopper marketing: Online shopper marketing typically features an ecommerce website experience, digital promotions, online customer support and AR/VR/AI technology to enhance the online shopping journey.
  3. Cross-channel shopper marketing: Also known as the omnichannel approach to retail, businesses must integrate data from in-store and online sources, provide a consistent brand experience and implement cross-channel engagement strategies where necessary to enhance the shopper experience.

Digital brand experience is becoming increasingly important for shoppers. In today’s mobile-first world, shoppers expect brands to provide a seamless, convenient online shopping experience.

How to Implement A Shopper Marketing Strategy in 2022

There are three main steps to implementing a shopper marketing strategy:

  • Define your shopper marketing goals: What do you want to achieve with shopper marketing? Make these goals specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-based.
  • Identify your target shoppers: Who are your target shoppers? What are their needs and motivations? Build out buyer personas and meet your audience where they live.
  • Develop a shopper marketing plan: How will you achieve your marketing goals? What strategies and tactics will you use? Implement this plan across your entire brand.

 Sweat the small stuff! Many small activities within a single campaign can snowball into a movement that encourages consumers to be a part of something special and align with your brand’s products.

Benefits of Shopper Marketing Programs for Retail Brands

After implementing a strategic shopper marketing plan, the benefits can include:

  • Increased sales: It can drive sales velocity by meeting the needs of shoppers in a creative, favorable way.
  • Improved loyalty: It can create loyalty among shoppers who align with your product or purpose.
  • Enhanced reputation: It can enhance a brand’s reputation by providing a positive and seamless shopping experience.

To harness these benefits and reach key business goals, brands must connect their shopper marketing tactics with their core audience. By understanding the latest shopper marketing trends and how to implement them, brands can create a successful shopper marketing strategy that meets the needs of today’s shoppers.

Not Your Average Shopper Marketing Agency

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