Peter Cartier
Adding AR in Your Retail Marketing Campaign

How to Effectively Add AR Into Your Retail Marketing Campaign

What do popular brand applications like FlightRadar24, Snapchat and Pokemon Go! have in common? They introduced the world to a targeted, clever use of Augmented Reality and proved it’s an effective way to engage their core audience. So, now that augmented reality has been introduced to the masses, how are you embracing this technology to...
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Hiring a Retail Marketing Agency

Hiring a Retail Marketing Agency Vs. Staying In-House

When your retail marketing strategy has the definitive goal of realizing the best ROI possible, the everlasting debate arises: should you pack your team with in-house professionals or outsource the work to a retail marketing agency?  The pros and cons are quite a bit to chew on, but the impact can be significant.  Look at...
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