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Setting Up Your Brand's Retail Media Network

Setting Up Your Brand’s Retail Media Network

Marketing is an essential part of every retail business. As we continue to adapt to the new normal, the best thing you can do for your brand is to use the retail strategies and tactics that are tailored for online advertising. Your brand’s retail media network is exactly the kind of marketing asset that can...
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5 Pillars of Your Retail Marketing Strategy

The 5 Pillars of Your Retail Marketing Strategy

We’ve been working with CPG retail brands for over 20 years and have seen some pretty interesting changes in retail marketing. Perhaps the biggest change of all has been helping retailers adapt to the online world over the past decade – even more so these past couple years. But regardless of how the user experience...
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Improve Sales Velocity & Move More Products Off the Shelf

Improve Sales Velocity and Move More Products Off the Shelf

Looking to move more of your products from shelves into carts? Once you acquire a distribution agreement for a food and beverage product, the hard part is now getting your product off the shelves. So, how do shopper marketing brands get folks to purchase their product? It’s crucial for CPG brands to improve sales velocity...
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Retargeting vs. Remarketing

Comparing Remarketing vs. Retargeting for Your Retail Brand

When considering the digital marketing strategies available to your retail brand, it’s important to keep in mind that one of the best bets is to re-engage people who have already shown interest in your brand. To accomplish this, we often recommend remarketing and/or retargeting tactics. These two digital marketing tactics may have some similarities, as...
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Improve Content Marketing Strategy

How to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy for CPG Brands

If storytelling is the best way to connect with someone, content marketing is the tactic brands use to make their business more relatable and useful so they can connect with their consumers in an authentic way. Essentially, making your content marketing strategy count is less about your brand, product and services and more about your...
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How to Run a Successful Retail Contest

Running a retail contest is a great way to drive results and engage with your key customers. If you want your promotional giveaway to be successful, though, consider these 5 retail contest tips that can make the process more efficient and improve outcomes. 5 Tips for Running a Successful Retail Contest 1. Set Your Goals...
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The Do’s and Don’ts of CPG Sports Sponsorships

Investing in a sports sponsorship is a great option for brands seeking to create instant equity within a market. Not only does this show that you’re supporting the hometown team, but you’re also tapping into your customers’ passion via sports marketing. This leads to greater interest in your brand and engagement from your customers just...
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Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing is a Win-Win-Win for Retail Brands

Supporting a good cause is the right move for your brand at several levels. Not only will Cause Marketing ultimately help consumers connect your company to purpose, it also directly serves the cause you’re supporting in the first place.  In our experience as a cause marketing agency, we’ve found that consumer promotions featuring cause marketing...
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2021 Retail Marketing Budget Planning

2021 Retail Marketing Budget Planning

It’s Time to Invest in Digital! It’s that season again – where leaves are falling and budgets are calling.  Yes, as you prepare your retail marketing budget for the upcoming year and plan for a successful 2021 shopper marketing strategy, it’s essential to invest in digital. Digital marketing has proven the best way to improve...
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Why the Customer Experience Matters

Turn a Negative Customer Experience into a Positive One

Why the Customer Experience matters so much to your business: “We are currently experiencing a heavy volume of calls. Please stay on the line as we reroute an obscene amount of calls to the inappropriate department, leaving most of you on hold even longer than you were initially, and, more often than not, just disconnecting...
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