Find the right opportunities for your brand to win over hearts and minds.

Connecting your brand on a personal level with the modern consumer takes guts.

That’s because from a marketing perspective, consumers are just plain confusing. According to ecommerce platform Big Commerce’s findings on omni-channel selling, 51% of Americans prefer shopping online, while 49% say they stick with shopping in-store. But their actual spending habits tell another story: 64% spend their dollars in-store, as compared to 36% who spend online.

Between the physical and digital shopping realms, consumers are caught in between. They prefer shopping one way but in reality shop another. Couple that with the fact that on every platform, they’re served advertisements six ways to Sunday.

Now smaller or mid-size brands are finding it increasingly difficult to cut through that clutter. And when they think the solution is to activate experiences everywhere their consumers are, they risk becoming disorganized.

But with a little compromise, it’s an issue your brand can avoid.

By compromise, we mean becoming effective at reaching modern consumers with Omnichannel retail efforts. Google describes these efforts as “ensuring [retailer] marketing strategies are geared toward enabling customers to convert on any channel.

Basically, your marketing efforts cover more ground this way and at the same time, you’re only focusing on the channels that best align with your brand’s goals, thus providing ample opportunities to connect on a personal level with your consumers.

Just because 148 million Americans in 2018 will multitask on 4 or more mobile apps at once, doesn’t mean your brand has to be present on every single one. Make sure your content efforts across the channels (and platforms) you choose to utilize are meaningful, creative and valuable.

Ultimately, you’re looking to get your product off the shelf, right?

Then your strategy should reflect your capabilities. Your messaging should portray consistency. If you try to be everything to everyone, you’ll find that you’re exhausting your efforts to win over hearts and minds. Instead, simplify your approach.

Connect with consumers through personal, unique and engaging experiences.

Discover 5 ways to use digital marketing to support in-store sales 

Activation Opportunities

In the physical shopping realm:

  1. Brand ambassadors and Product Sampling
  2. In-store sweepstakes, promotions or live events
  3. Co-marketing

In the digital shopping realm:

  1. Content marketing
  2. Social media
  3. Affiliate marketing

In person, in store, and online, each represent engaging experiences activated around your target audience, helping you connect on a personal level. That’s the ground we cover at Cliffedge Marketing; we collaborate with you (and your budget) to carry out these cost-effective strategies, connect with consumers and get your product off the shelf.

Reach out so we can help you win over the hearts and minds of your consumers, or keep in touch on LinkedIn and Facebook.
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