Cost-Effective Strategies Designed to Move More Product at Retail

Good news! Your product is finally in the store, on the shelves, and looking good. You’ve overcome some major hurdles to ensure it makes an impact. Unfortunately, your product can’t do all the talking for you, even if it is amazing (we believe you). You still have to get your product off the shelf.

Start by engaging your consumers with meaningful dialogue and relevant content built around your brand. Create interconnected experiences and activate among your target audience. From grocery cart to kitchen pantry, offer value to your consumers along their entire path-to-purchase. 

Incorporate the following cost-effective strategies into your marketing plan to help get your product off the shelf.

1. Develop an effective ad strategy on social media

CPG brands utilize social media due to its economical and highly targeted approach to advertising. While there are several nuances associated with social media; for instance, think Facebook’s ongoing algorithm updates, it remains one of the most cost-efficient options, particularly for growing brands. 

When looking to build your audience, promote ads around the store locations where your product is actually sold. We recommend creating 3 types of effective ads:

  1. Geofenced ads around key retailers to target consumers in relevant markets 
  2. Fan acquisition ad campaigns running to passively grow your target audience
  3. Boost premium content such as recipes, videos, or contests, that offer added-value for consumers
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2. Incorporate purposeful call-to-action (CTA) messaging

CTA messaging is incentive-driven, like a promotional code or special offer, that provides value to your audience while motivating them to complete a task (i.e. sign up for our newsletter).

Typically, we use CTA messaging alongside gated content to drive higher engagement. These pieces of end-of-the-funnel content function as helpful or engaging resources and database builders – think along the lines of digital contests or recipe guides. Users unlock the content for download usually in exchange for their name and email.

Whether driving traffic to your website, to your online store, or helping you build a database, incorporate call-to-action messaging and gated content strategically through your digital efforts.

3. Build your database

Database-building efforts, such as contests you run through social media or monthly newsletters sent to email subscribers, help your database continuously expand and become a unique touch point for reaching your consumers. Gathering consumer data is like uncovering a gold mine of insights that you can use for future retargeting purposes. 

With the data at your disposal, you have direct access to reach your consumer base. If they’ve opted in to hear more from you, you’re able to start a meaningful conversation. That’s pretty exciting stuff! But be smart about it. Make the content you provide valuable and relevant. And more importantly, keep your communication at a level that is the least intrusive.

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These cost-effective strategies are designed to get your product off the shelf – it’s that simple. Think of every experience you create as an opportunity to engage your target audience.

There are several moving parts involved, from content creation and organizing, to strategizing and executing. At Cliffedge Marketing, we collaborate with you (and your budget) to carry out these cost-effective strategies, pump up your brand’s presence, and put your product into your consumer’s hands.

If you’re looking for creative ideas that will move more product, get started with a brainstorming session!
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