Retail Media 101: From Concept to Execution

Retail success is often measured by the connection shoppers have with brands. Retail media can play a significant role when it comes to building and executing a successful shopper marketing campaign. 

While many examples of retail media strategies are linked to high-performing brands, let’s examine a more introductory approach to this form of digital marketing – specifically, what is retail media, how does it work, and how does it function as a shopper marketing strategy?

Defining Retail Media Marketing

Simply put, retail media is when brands place ads for their products across relevant ecommerce sites and the mobile apps of retailers.

Retail media marketing is an extension of the omnichannel retail strategy that seeks to connect customers and their shopping experiences to specific brands. As a concept, retail marketing can be boiled down to connecting the right customer with the right product at the right time. 

This shopper marketing strategy thrives on creating moments of innovation across every aspect of the customer journey to creatively influence their buying decision.

How Retail Media Marketing Works

The retail marketing process is multifaceted and can be quite dynamic based on the product and customer. And while there are many different ways to engage customers, the principles are pretty universal. Shopper marketing relies on brand awareness, which can come in many forms from sponsored banners, ads, displays and more.

By shining the spotlight on your brand and attracting the right customers via promoted listings and targeted listings on relevant third party sites, Retail Media delivers key data and insights collected by retailers, marketing companies and the brands themselves to measure and analyze which strategies are effective or not (and why). 

The Bottom Line: Effective retail media marketing leads to increased sales.

Implementing a Retail Media Marketing Campaign

With digital marketing, retail online advertising is critical. Some common forms of executing a retail media marketing campaign include traditional means of advertisement such as sponsorships and banners or connecting your brand to the personalities and influencers that your core market follows. To that end, sponsoring high-profile YouTubers and Instagrammers and having them connect their story to your brand can help carry your message a lot further. 

Just like brands can work with physical retail spaces to position their products in specific locations on the shelf or end cap, digital retail environments offer similar opportunities. Search results can return sponsored ads or even recommendations that are valuable for omnichannel marketing. Detecting emerging trends and tweaking your digital marketing to capitalize on the cultural zeitgeist can generate buzz and interest.

Bring Shopper Marketing Experts Onto Your Team

When it comes to utilizing retail media to promote your brand in popular shops around the country, you can benefit from experience. Cliffedge Marketing is a shopper marketing agency who specializes in creating unique brand experiences across innovative retail marketing strategies. We’re always excited and ready to serve top brands or emerging retailers looking to expand their profile in this complex, fast-paced retail environment.

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