Nichole Kennelly

Unlock the Power of Paid Media for CPG and Retail Brands

Your consumers are waiting for you online – is your paid digital media strategy optimized from a platform, design, messaging and budget perspective to find them? Navigating paid media as part of your retail marketing strategy can be a daunting task for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands. Without a well-thought-out plan, it’s all too easy...
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How to Set Up a Retail Media Campaign to Maximize ROI for Grocery Brands.

What makes a shopper marketing campaign effective? With ROI as a north star, we consider campaigns successful when they stand out in a competitive landscape and provide brand visibility, drive engagement or purchases and increase customer loyalty.  So, how do we get from a blank sheet of paper to implementing the appropriate retail media tactics...
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The Cost and Considerations of a Multichannel Shopper Marketing Campaign

One thing is certain: Your multichannel shopper marketing campaign is an investment worth making. But how do you budget for a shopper marketing campaign or consumer promotion? Today, about 73% of customers use multiple channels during their shopping journey, according to the Harvard Business Review. For grocery brands and retail marketers, reaching these consumers effectively...
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What Makes a Shopper Marketing Agency a Good Choice?

Developing an effective grocery brand strategy today is easier said than done—even when you have a superb product and loyal consumers.  Today’s CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) space is more crowded than ever, and today’s shoppers have more information competing for their attention in more places than ever. With such a landscape, it makes sense to...
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