What Makes a Shopper Marketing Agency a Good Choice?

Developing an effective grocery brand strategy today is easier said than done—even when you have a superb product and loyal consumers. 

Today’s CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) space is more crowded than ever, and today’s shoppers have more information competing for their attention in more places than ever. With such a landscape, it makes sense to consider partnering with a shopper marketing agency that can boost your brand and develop an effective strategy that reaches and motivates buyers while delivering a measurable return on your investment.

Investing the time and money in building such a partnership is a choice you’ll make with substantial expectations about performance and results in mind. No one wants to spend months on a program that misunderstands the brand or your goals—so how do you select an agency that fits in with your vision? 

The first step is understanding what A-list shopper marketing firms bring to the table. Let’s consider what to look for in an agency partner, then explore how to find one that meets your expectations.

How the Best Shopper Marketing Agencies Deliver Better Results

The most effective campaigns begin with an agency that understands the buyer journey that ultimately leads consumers to your brand. 

This includes not just where those buyers come from but also the decision-making process they use to settle on a specific product. Improving this path to purchase and making it more effective is critical to understanding how to grow a brand to reach a wider audience. An agency should be able to demonstrate real-world results based on this understanding.

A strategic shopper marketing agency also understands how to get to know not just the shoppers who interact with your brand or you wish to target, but the retailers, too. Working in partnership with retailers and making it worth their while is an important element of developing effective plans for shopper marketing. After all, successful efforts on your part translate into more sales and better results for your retail partners, too.

Shopping habits have changed immensely in just a few years, and consumers look for information in more places than the grocery store aisle. An agency that understands how to keep your campaigns current and interesting in this environment while effectively measuring the right metrics for success can make a big difference for your brand. Successful agencies do all these things but also invest time and effort into staying on the cutting edge in a world moving faster than ever.

How To Find a Shopper Marketing Agency That Suits Your Needs

Understanding what a good shopper marketing agency does to help you succeed is one thing. Finding that perfect agency partner is another. How can you sift through all the choices to find a team with the skills and knowledge your brand needs to launch a successful campaign?

Start by looking at the shopper marketing case studies they’ve performed in the past. You can learn a lot about an agency and its work style by examining the results they’ve generated for past clients. Case studies play an important role here, and you should review them whenever available to assess if the agency has a style that meshes well with your business. You want to see real and effective experience, so look for evidence that the agency could put its proverbial money where its mouth is.

Communication will be a key point of difference between agencies, too. Find one whose communication style matches your needs, one which makes you feel heard and understood. Think about an agency’s suitability over the long term. Will you be able to enjoy working with this team for months on end and even years into the future? Or does their style leave you feeling like you aren’t in the driver’s seat? By engaging in conversation and carefully considering what an agency brings to the table for you, making the right choice is simple. 

Invest in a Proven Approach from Retail Marketing Experts

At Cliffedge Marketing, we strive to deliver in-depth strategies to generate results through innovative CPG marketing strategies informed by our unique approach. With a proven track record in diverse categories of goods and a client-first mentality, we know how best to distill your key messages into innovative and effective marketing strategies. 

Join us for a conversation about your business by requesting a free brainstorming session with our creative team to explore some big ideas about how your brand can find success in new and existing markets. We’re ready when you are!

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