Alexandra Mckenney

Build Engaging Brand Experiences for the Gen Z Shopper

As the Gen Z demographic continues to grow in numbers and significance, brands must find new, innovative ways to connect with this powerful consumer group. This audience has established their uniqueness by being highly value-oriented, holding brands accountable and often seeking specific, new solutions to solve evolving wants and needs. Generation Z, those born after...
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Understanding the Retail Media Landscape: Meet the Key Players

It’s no secret that the retail landscape is changing. With the growth of digital media and e-commerce, traditional brick-and-mortar stores struggle to keep up. It can be tough to stay updated to the retail marketing changes, yet, it’s essential to understand the key players in the retail media landscape to leverage their strengths and improve...
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The Pros and Cons of Retail Media Networks

As consumers continue to shift their buying habits towards online channels, retailers are looking for more efficient and effective ways to reach customers. Retail media networks provide a unique way to advertise to customers directly at the point of sale, and they are becoming increasingly popular amongst brands. There are a few different options available...
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Retail Media 101: From Concept to Execution

Retail success is often measured by the connection shoppers have with brands. Retail media can play a significant role when it comes to building and executing a successful shopper marketing campaign.  While many examples of retail media strategies are linked to high-performing brands, let’s examine a more introductory approach to this form of digital marketing...
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The 2022 Shopper Marketing Trends in Retail

No one wants to be the brand that falls behind, which is why keeping an eye on future trends is smart when building a retail strategy for 2022.  The pandemic continues to shape shopper behavior and their expectations of the retail experience with trends that account for social distancing and convenience throughout the shopping experience. ...
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