How to Create Video Content on a Budget

Make a big impact without spending big dollars.

No matter what platform you’re on, video content is available, accessible, and created for virtually any topic imaginable.

Scrolling through Facebook, a notification pops up reminding you that your local news station or favorite musician just went Live. You click to expand to full screen and watch the comments swiftly surface.

Then you switch to view recent talk show clips on YouTube (isn’t that what lunch breaks are for?). Normally, you skip the pre-roll, but this time the witty humor and colorful visuals catch your eye.

Later, while you’re researching Google for fiberglass pools and vinyl liners, you miraculously come across “how-to” instructional videos that walk users through maintenance and proper installation.

The Internet, particularly social media, thrives on video content. It’s engaging, entertaining and educational – especially when it’s done the right way.

And as a brand, you don’t need top-of-the-line production equipment to create videos that get your point across.

Limited budget? Not to worry.

No budget at all? Yep, it can still be done.

Behind Google, YouTube is considered the 2nd largest search engine, processing over 3 billion search queries per month.

And as you’re probably aware with Facebook, motionless creative tends to get left behind, generating minimal organic reach.

Keeping that in mind, if video content aligns with your brand’s goals to increase engagement, awareness, or sales, consider these tips:

Work with what you’ve got:

In your initial brainstorms, don’t fear throwing a grandiose content idea into the mix. It’s always easier to trim down a complex idea than amp up a bare bones storyboard. Go big at first and then hone in on a simplified concept. Your video content, whether it’s a one-time effort or ongoing series, should be well within the range of your capabilities.

From the script and the visuals to equipment and editing, make sure you can actually execute your idea.

Depending on the time, resources and skills you have, research and determine the materials you’ll need. Editing software like Windows Movie Maker is free and user-friendly, and Canva is a free graphic design tool. And if you don’t think it’s possible to shoot a quality video on an iPhone, then you must not spend enough time on YouTube.

For Nabisco’s Oreo Dunk Challenge, we filmed ourselves tossing Oreo cookies into glasses of Prairie Farms milk all over iconic locations throughout the city of St. Louis– shot in its entirety on an iPhone. And it went viral.

Our simple, easy-to-execute concept became a trending video on YouTube with over 276,000 views throughout the course of the campaign. The video resulted in 1.4 million video impressions overall on social media and in-store displays. And more importantly, 24 Dierbergs locations experienced incremental in-store lift.

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Consider value and authenticity:

For our partners and sauce manufacturer Country Bob’s, authentic video content translates well across all platforms.

Recipe videos featuring Country Bob’s products show off who they are as individuals and as a company. It’s not Oscar-worthy material, but it’s humorous and helpful, just like the Country Bob Boys themselves.

Videos are a unique vehicle for demonstrating brand value. Showcase an original recipe using your products. Respond to common inquiries on a Live Q&A. Align with a complimentary brand to host an exciting giveaway.

And remember, incorporate strategic call-to-action messaging that can help drive website traffic, build your database, or cultivate brand loyalty.

Need help generating ideas or just want to talk through the basics of creating valuable video content? Give us a shout for a free consultation.
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