3 Ways to Support Your Brand’s Consumer Promotion in New Markets

Consumer promotions are an effective means of boosting in-store sales and bringing value to your retail partners.

Not only are they designed to help scale your retail brand, but they’re just plain fun for shoppers. In-store promotions built around new product launches, TPRs, or even retail loyalty rewards grab consumers’ attention, generate excitement, and encourage them to engage in-store.

But a successful promotion doesn’t simply exist within the four walls of a brick-and-mortar retailer. You want to ensure you utilize multiple points of engagement in your strategy, because of how readily consumers find and purchase products anytime, anywhere, and across platforms.

Let’s talk 3 tips for supporting and enhancing your CPG brand’s next consumer promotion, especially in new or underserved markets.

1. Get Noticed 

In a sea of SKUs on the shelves, getting noticed is downright difficult. Depending on opportunities available with your key retailers, creative point-of-sale (POS) signage can give your brand a significant boost in visibility. Consider going a step further and incorporate a dynamic QR scan that links to content on your website or enable an augmented reality component that positions your brand as forward-thinking and fun.

To help drive campaign awareness prior to shopping in-store, launch a supportive digital ad campaign on a search network or social media. For food and beverage brands, showcase your product in a series of mouthwatering recipes, (the stronger the visuals, the better) target and tag the retailer, and drive new users to your content or online store locator.

2. Grow Your Audience 

Increasing brand awareness can easily transition into acquiring valuable consumer data with the right balance of incentivized messaging and strong, clear calls-to-action.

For instance, on shelf talkers and other forms of in-store POS, entice shoppers with an exciting, relevant contest and prizing housed on a landing page on your website. Direct them to a simple, gated entry form which can include fields to capture their name, contact information, and an opt-in to your database.

Learn more about 2 in-store contest entry methods that work.

3. Re-engage and Remarket 

With the data you capture during the promotion, re-engage your new audience after the fact with a targeted, purposeful remarketing campaign. Remarketing tactics are typically accomplished through email marketing or social media ads designed to encourage consumers to make another purchase using manufacturers coupons or digital promo codes.

Partner Up with the Consumer Promotions Specialists

If you could use creative or strategic support to enhance your upcoming consumer promotion in new markets, let’s talk. We want to help you scale your business by implementing the right solutions at the right time. Schedule a free brainstorm with our creative team!

Checklist for Consumer Promotions
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