Cause Marketing Trends for Retail Brands in 2021

It goes without saying that retail (like everyone else) has experienced drastic change over the last year.

We had to find unique ways to do business – to engage shoppers – to find purpose. Innovation was critical to success for most organizations as they found creative ways to disrupt their normal and create a new normal. 

This meant finding new ways to stand out from other brands. New ways to target consumers. New reasons to make them purchase. And as the world continued to be pulled and twisted to fit into a new normal, consumers yearned for something more. 

It’s clear now that consumers want to make a difference. Shoppers want their purchases to mean something. They want to foster change with their purchases. This gave a new foothold for cause marketing to forge an alliance between businesses and consumers. 

As a cause marketing agency, Cliffedge Marketing has been helping brands align their products with purpose for over 20 years. As we reach the midway point of 2021, we’ve seen these three cause marketing trends bring benefits to businesses that incorporate them into their strategy to stand out among the crowd.

The 3 Cause Marketing Trends of 2021

Aligning with Purpose and Values Matters More than Ever

Trust and purpose are important because new generations of consumers are constantly engrossed in conversations about social issues. When you focus on cause marketing, you take on the mission of being socially conscious, which helps you align with your target consumer. 

When you align your brand with value and purpose, it helps you respond faster to shifts in society that impact your consumers. It is important to walk the talk. You must prove your intentions are real by making good on your promises with what you sell. If your company believes in a cause, you must be clear about it in your marketing. The consumers of today want to see that you are willing to market your beliefs on all your social media platforms and website.

Omnichannel Retail Marketing Approach Takes Your Message Further

As a cause marketing agency, we’ve learned that being agile is critical. The past year has taught us many things, one of which is that we need to be prepared to shift focus quickly. 

Now more than ever, the events happening around us drive the products a business creates and the way they are marketed. When you remain in alignment with current trends and situations and use an omnichannel retail marketing approach to discuss them, you rise above the crowd. When you combine cause marketing with current trends, your brand is considered a leader that makes an impact. This also makes you memorable with your target consumers.

Deliver a More Human Experience with Every Brand Connection

Every person desires connection, especially after a year of separation as a result of the pandemic. Now, the desire for connection is even stronger. It’s no surprise that consumers expect more engagement from the brands they support. 

They feel if they are supporting your brand over other brands, and they want to feel good about it. This puts a heavy burden on your brand, your products, and your marketing. 

Cause marketing is an ideal way to create a relationship with your consumers that benefits all parties. You are able to rise above other companies, and they can feel good about the products they’re buying from you. A key way to do this is to quickly respond to the needs of your consumers, which keeps them engaged and purchasing from your business.

Want to See What Cause Marketing Can Do For Your Retail Brand?

Partnering with a cause marketing agency like Cliffedge Marketing is easy. As we get to know you, your business goals and the consumers your products serve, we can develop a free proposal for how to actively engage and convert those shoppers. 

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