Understanding the Challenges CPG Brands Face with Retail Media

The world of retail advertising has been turned on its head with its ever-changing, complex digital landscape. Today, CPG brands face new, unique challenges in how they support their products through advertising across multiple retailers. But within this complexity lies opportunity.

While social media can be a powerful tool, many regional grocery brands are turning to retail media networks and third-party vendors for shopper marketing to gain access to on and off-site advertising, product pages, consumer emails and more. However, managing multiple vendors and retail media networks can quickly become overwhelming, particularly for small to medium-sized brands.

Managing Multiple Partnerships Across a Variety of Retailers

The main challenge facing CPG brands is the complexity of managing multiple partnerships across different retailers. When a brand’s product is available in more than one retailer, they may find themselves working with a mix of retail media networks and third-party vendors, each with different capabilities, requirements, timelines and budgets. This can quickly go from blessing to burden for your marketing team, particularly for brands that are new to retail media networks or vendors.

For example, let’s say a brand’s product is available in retailers A, B, C, D and E. 

Retailer A has its own retail media network, while a third-party vendor works with retailers B and C, and another vendor works with retailers D and E. This means that the brand has to work with three different vendors to support its product/brand across all five retailers. Managing all of these partnerships can quickly become overwhelming, particularly when vendors have different timelines and creative requirements, which can leave you lost in an avalanche of emails with quotes, sales decks, spec sheets, due dates, requests, timelines, proofs, recaps and more.

For small to medium-sized brands, managing multiple partnerships can also be a challenge of budget. Many vendors have cost minimums ranging from $10k-50k, and using multiple vendors may not always be feasible. This means that brands have to decide where their money is best spent and which partnerships will provide the most value.

And navigating the world of retail media networks and third-party vendors can be particularly challenging for CPG brands who are new to this space. Many retail media networks have only launched in the last few years, and even vendors who have been around for a while have had to adapt their practices to keep up with the evolving digital landscape.

Outsourcing to Industry Experts for the Fast, Effective Results

CPG brands have found a way to stay focused on their core goals while receiving the strategy and execution from experienced shopper marketing agencies like Cliffedge Marketing who make it their job to always stay up to date on the strategies and requirements of retail media. 

How it works: Our experts join your team to help the brand manage any strategy and communication involved in retail media partnerships, as well as ensure that creative requirements and timelines are met across multiple vendors and retailers. This lets CPG brands focus on their core business and leave the management of their retail media partnerships to an outsourced team of experts. Learn more about our approach to giving your brand an edge!

Turn Challenges into Opportunities with a Free Consultation

While retail media networks and third-party vendors can be valuable tools for CPG brands looking to support their products through advertising across multiple retailers, managing multiple partnerships can quickly become overwhelming. 

To navigate these challenges, grocery brands and CPG marketers can benefit from partnering with Cliffedge Marketing’s team to manage the strategy and communication involved in retail media partnerships and ensure every investment sees a return. Plus, it’s easier than ever to get started with a free consultation around your current CPG brand marketing initiatives.

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