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6 Proven Ways to Improve a Brand Experience

If a brand is a glimpse into who you are as a company, your brand experience is how your customers interact with it. Typically, a brand experience is first encountered as a digital experience or virtual experience designed to highlight your brand in engaging, innovative ways that drives interest towards your product and ultimately creates...
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How to Create a Brand Story that Connects with Your Audience

Everyone loves storytime. Stories excite us, enrage us, enthrall us, encourage us – the list goes on. Through stories, humans learn to empathize with others and develop shared experiences.  Interestingly, this desire to connect with stories can prove to be a considerable advantage with your creative marketing efforts as well. In fact, digital marketing experts...
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How a Digital Experience Makes Your Retail Brand Stand Out

An easy way to ensure your brand stands out is to create an intuitive, optimized online experience. You want everything from the content to the ordering process to be simple yet unique. Most consumer journeys begin online, and it’s your job to ensure that part of your branding strategy includes an unforgettable digital experience. What...
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The 2022 Shopper Marketing Trends in Retail

No one wants to be the brand that falls behind, which is why keeping an eye on future trends is smart when building a retail strategy for 2022.  The pandemic continues to shape shopper behavior and their expectations of the retail experience with trends that account for social distancing and convenience throughout the shopping experience. ...
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6 Ways Augmented Reality Can Benefit Your Brand in Retail

How does your brand attract attention on the shelves?  Retail marketing is highly competitive, and brands who want to succeed need to harness cutting-edge technology to keep ahead in our rapidly changing landscape. Excitingly, consumers readily adopted augmented reality during the pandemic due to being more likely to adopt touch-free experiences into their shopping and...
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Consumer Promotions Tips for This Holiday Season

For most retail brands, the wheels are already spinning on this year’s holiday marketing campaigns. Under normal circumstances, getting a jump on the 4th quarter with seasonal consumer promotions is critical. This year, it’s even more the case as online shopping transactions continue to soar. There is a projected expectation that sales this holiday are...
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