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Make your content count; social media contests

Get Social: The 3 Social Media Contests Your Brand Should Try

Social Media is typically a grapple for attention with your audience, whether they be your friends, family or customers. And as brands step over the tripwires of politics, fake news and unsolicited food pics, one strategy tends to cut through the clutter and engage the base: contests. Brands who do contest marketing effectively know that...
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Contest Marketing

Contest Marketing: The Basics of Sweepstakes and Contesting

As a CPG brand, your team is constantly trying to come up with a killer new consumer promotions strategy to increase sales and shopper engagement. Often, this leads brands to consider a sweepstakes or contesting option.  Formally known as Contest Marketing, this is a great way to generate excitement and activity around your brand message,...
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Creating a Brand Voice Online

The Importance of Creating a Brand Voice Online

When it comes to creating a brand voice online to feature across your digital footprint, including your website, social media platforms and customer service channels, focus on action and authenticity.  Your brand’s voice directly communicates your story to your audience. It breathes life into the content you create. Best of all, it’s unique – like...
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Sell More CPG Products on Amazon

How to Sell More CPG Products on Amazon

Selling consumer packaged goods on Amazon is a smart path to grow your brand based on the state of retail today. But are you doing it effectively? This guide shares useful tips and tricks to ensure you’re set up for success to sell more of your CPG brand products on Amazon and get the most...
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